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If you’re on this page, you’re probably a female coach/consultant who works (mostly) online and really dislike anything related with tech.

Tech gives you a headache.
It’s frustrating.
It blocks you from moving forward in your business.

I know. I’ve been there and many of my clients have been.

The thing is: when you run an online business, you need to deal with tech stuff.
If you don’t, you’re missing out.
On visibility, on getting new leads and on selling your amazing services.

Now, you may think that tech means expensive software.
But that’s not what I believe in.

I believe in the power of effectiveness and simplicity.
I don’t like using fancy tools like ClickFunnels, if you’re not at the right stage in business.


That’s why, no matter how we work together, there are three things I can tell you for sure:

1) With me, no “one size fits all”. I listen to my clients’ needs and come up with a customized action plan, according to their goals and budget.

2) Simplicity is the key. I exclusively set up simple systems that are super manageable for my clients to follow, improve, tweak, change.

3) I never leave my clients on their own. Once we finalize a project, I don’t tell you “Nice to work with you, bye bye”. I’m always available to help you and support you if something isn’t clear or giving troubles.


In this years, I developed many offers because I want to help my clients succeed beyond tech obstacles, no matter what stage in business they are.

These are my current packages: click on the images and read more about them. If you are unsure, you can also book a free discovery call and we’ll find out how to best make your dream come true.


Rock the Tech is a tech support membership site. It’s the perfect place to start bringing your business online with a little investment.

You’ll find up-to-date video tutorials, a community to ask questions and weekly live Q&A to get you unstuck.

It’s perfect for you if: you have recently launched your business and don’t yet have a budget for done-for-you services and you enjoy the DIY approach. Click here and take a look!

Done for you services include a variety of support: from optimizing your online visibility to business automations and systems that help you grow, scale and automate your business.

We can also talk about online courses, membership sites and virtual summits.

It’s perfect for you if: tech has never been your jam and you just want your project to get done. You don’t want to handle tech stuff, you just want to help your clients and focus on marketing your services. Click here and take a look!

Thinking of launching your online course/membership or hosting your virtual summit? Click here!! 

The monthly retainer is the best option if you’re looking for ongoing support: your business is thriving, you’re (almost) fully booked, and there are things happening almost every month.

Under this package, we can work on visibility, systems, email marketing, social media and much more.

It’s perfect for you if: you are ready to onboard a team member and outsource anything related to the “behind the scenes” of your online business to focus on your zone of genius. Click here to see the details!


The 1:1 is a sixty minutes session where we’re going to identify the areas of your online business that needs some improvement.
We cover systems that are going to improve your visibility, increase your leads and get paid easily in your business.

After the session, you get a detailed action plan for your next steps to rock your online business beyond the tech obstacles.

It’s perfect for you if: you have started recently or you’re bringing your business online and you want to get started in the right way without wondering what to do next. 

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