Episode – 004- What to do When Technology is Killing You

In this episode, we focus on what to do when technology is giving you a hard time.

Trust me, even as a tech expert I have regularly one of those days when technology is just killing me. I figured that many times, it doesn’t even depend on us!

So, before the next tech challenge or disaster happens, I want you to know what to do – because it is exactly my same approach.

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Main Takeaways from This Episode:

  • Some days technology can just stop working – it’s a loss of time, to keep wasting time, just do something else. It’s not your fault!
  • Sometimes it’s inexplicable and can depend on the server, some other times you are just tired and you are missing tiny details that can potentially make all the difference.
  • The best thing you can do when tech isn’t working for you is walk away and try again the following day.


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Read the transcript of the episode below:

Our time: 1:59am EEST

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