If you work in the online space, you’ve seen coaches and consultants offering discovery calls.
Sometimes it may feel too much.
There are indeed some professionals who push so hard sometimes, that it makes you think why they actually do it.

Are they desperately in need of new clients?
Do they want to sell you something?

Sometimes I’ve felt trapped in a corner without a possibility of saying NO to a discovery call because in mind it was unpolite (…), but how do you think these calls went?
At times it was just a mental resistance, telling myself that I didn’t need help at all (but I actually needed), other times, I was too nice to say “no, thanks”.

The thing is…it isn’t that easy for us, women, to admit to needing a bit of help.

Ultimately, also for a tech expert, a discovery call is a way to find out these three things:

1) If I can help you. If you’re using a system I’m not acquainted with, I may not be able to support you. So, before committing to any project, I need to discuss with the prospect about the little details that will make sure that I am the right person for you.

2) If we are a good fit. Whether we’re working on a short or a long-term project, I want to be in a good relationship with my clients. Intuition never fails, and sometimes there is a “misalignment” between the person I’m talking to and myself.
So, in this case, I can refer the prospect to a colleague that can be more aligned. No hard feelings at all, but you probably know how it feels to do something against what your gut tells you.

3) Explain my way of working. I work according to a three pillars framework, and I want to make sure the prospect understands how it works, why it’s important, and how it can help her business take off.

So, by this point, you’re probably wondering if a discovery call (with me) involves hard selling…and the answer is NO.
After I discuss with the prospect, I get to understand if I’m able to help. Only in this case, I ask if the person would like to hear about how I can concretely help her.
Then the ball goes to the prospect: if she wants to hear about how I can help her scaling her business beyond tech obstacles, I’ll be diving into our possibilities.
If not, that’s cool.

As you can see there is nothing scary and if you:

  • are fed up with tech-stuff blocking your business growth;
  • want to feel unstoppable and on top of your game;
  • want to focus on your zone of genius,

then all you need to do is to…


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