This might surprise you but… I’m not a Tech VA, and here’s why

I’m all about technology, and yes, years ago I did start out as a virtual assistant.

But… I realised soon enough that being a VA wasn’t for me. I simply didn’t enjoy it, and that’s when I decided to evolve and turned into a Tech Expert for online businesses.

I wanted to take a distance from the VA world and method of work because it simply didn’t work for me.

Just recently I noticed that someone introduced me as “tech VA”, and also during a call with a possible client, I heard “What I would expect from a tech VA is…” and it made me realised I simply had to clarify what’s the difference between a tech expert and a tech VA, and most importantly, why I don’t belong to the latter category.

You don’t know what you don’t know

When you hire a VA to support your business, it usually means that you don’t have the time to take care of repetitive tasks or you know your time is better spent with clients or creating content, for example.

So, you need to know what you want from your VA.

You need to able to assign tasks to do, and usually, you know how you want your tasks to be done (which means you know what the result is supposed to be. For example, schedule content on social media).

But…You don’t know what you don’t know.

When you have bigger projects, you want to scale or automate your business and maybe technology isn’t your best friend, can you honestly say that you know concretely what you want and how you want it?

I rarely worked with clients who knew exactly what they wanted (unless their project was an online course/membership or a telesummit, of course).

The majority came to me saying things like:

  • I want to be CEO and forget about the technicalities;
  • I want more time to focus on my VIP clients/family and the rest to be more automated;
  • I would like to scale my business;
  • I’ve grown a lot, and I need a reliable team to take care of every aspect of my business while I focus on what I’m good at.

So this is difference number 1: when you work with me, you tell me your goals and I make them happen.

You don’t need to know how, because my role is to understand what you want and need, and it’s my duty to find the BEST tools for you and your business, and then implement the project to turn into reality.


A VA has usually packages of hours and they stop when the hours run out unless you pay for extra.

Some VAs get paid at the end of the month depending on the number of hours they worked.

It means that you either need to pay extra if the hours aren’t enough to finalise the work for the current month, or you never know what will be the amount you’ll pay each month.

My approach is very different: I don’t work with an hourly ratenor do I offer bundles of hours to be used each month. I switched from a retainer-based to project-based which can be long or short term.

Only after working on your project, and if there is an ongoing need, I’m able to offer a monthly retainer package.

I work to deliver the project(s).

My focus is on the bigger goals and vision, my role is to be there by your side and make sure your plans turn into reality.

That’s why I’m simply not able to offer bundles of hours: my focus is on the transformation and outcomes your business gets.

Many clients VS 3

VAs usually have many clients at once to make consistent income, unless they run an agency or have a team.

Since my focus is all on the project(s), for me, the most important thing is to deliver it.

And deliver it well, with the highest possible quality and support.

That’s exactly the reason why I work with limited clients at the same time: at the highest level (so my Tech UplevelI only work with 3 clients at the same time, and the rest of the short term projects are carefully planned so that I don’t overbook myself, because I just know that the quality of my work will be affected.

I know myself and what affect positively and negatively my work, and working with too many clients at once just doesn’t fit me.

Lack of Specific Niche

A VA usually offers a plethora of different services, from email management to graphics creation, from email marketing to social media support.

I rarely met a VA who doesn’t offer different services, often incredibly different services at once.

Now, I’m personally not a fan of “Jack of all trades, master of none“.

I believe that having a niche and defined expertise makes you more knowledgeable and competent, especially to the eyes of a client.

An example: If I want a Pinterest expert, I hire one.

I don’t hire a VA that offers Pinterest support: I need to have the right foundations and strategy first before I can have a VA running my accounts for me.

Is a Pinterest VA a strategist, as well?

In my own experience, since I started out as a VA, a virtual assistant doesn’t bring in-depth expertise on a specific area.

Otherwise, why would you not call yourself “X Expert” or graphic designed, or podcast master?

I specialise in technology for online businesses (mostly coaches and consultants) ONLY, that’s why I call myself a Tech Expert and not a Tech VA.

I have an extremely specific niche, and I’m proud to consider myself an expert in my field because each and every week I learn about new tools and systems that can radically improve my clients’ businesses.

So, to summarize, what’s my role as a Tech Expert?

🌟 Serving my clients’ businesses at a higher level, so they can grow, scale and automate their online business;

🌟 Having a proactive approach to improve and simplify existing systems to make my clients’ lives easier;

🌟 I work WITH my clients, not for them, and I guide them amongst the maze of technological tools to help them make the BEST possible choices.

And of course, implement the systems to make their businesses run like clockwork.