The Most Irresponsible Business Advice Online Business Owners Will Ever Hear

Last May, during an exceptionally sunny day in Finland, I had an interesting conversation with a client of mine.

She had launched her online business fairly recently and told me that one of the tools she used was up for renewal. But she had never really used it after she finished her business coaching program. And it was quite expensive.

“Why did you get that tool in first place, if your website is barely finished?” I asked.

And she answered that her business coach had told her to buy it to implement her business and sales strategies.

Now, I am an empathetic person and I personally felt so bad for her.

Technology wasn’t her cup of tea, and she had no idea how to use this expensive tool.

And I could see she was clearly frustrated to have spent so much money on something she really wasn’t using.

Ethics VS Honesty

As a tech expert, I help my clients overcome the tech hurdles to grow their online business. And, unfortunately, I’ve often worked with people who had been “advised” to invest in expensive tools, at the very early stages of their businesses.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve personally worked with business and sales coaches as a client myself. And one of the reasons I enjoyed working with them was that they didn’t obligate me to buy a specific platform to implement the strategy they had in place.

So to me, it seems like bad practice for business coaches to “force” their clients to make an investment in specific business tools. Especially if their client isn’t naturally “tech savvy”.

For instance, many times marketing strategies and tech overlap. But I won’t offer marketing advice to my clients. I can, of course, share my experiences. without telling my clients what strategy to implement. Because that’s not my area of expertise.

So why do some business coaches feel the need to force their clients to use expensive, overcomplicated tools and software?

Is Technology an obstacle?

Technology is a tool that helps us connect with each other, it’s powerful and needed both in our personal and business life: especially if you run an online business, technology is a vital component.

But technology can be frustrating. It can be the element that makes you procrastinate on launching your online course or email sequence.

It may even be the reason you give up on your dreams.

Honestly? That’s not fair. I believe that not knowing the “How-tos” should not get in the way between you and your clients because you have a powerful message to share.

You deserve to be seen and heard.

You deserve to focus on your zone of genius and on what you love doing.

Now it’s your turn: how do you feel about technology? Is it a friend or foe for you?

This article was originally published on Thrive Global

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