My name is Fanny Snaith and I am a Money Coach.

Alessia and I have been working together since before Christmas 2019

Before we started working together, I felt extremely frustrated: I had bought Kajabi to launch my first online course, but I couldn’t find the time or motivation to learn how to use it. Alessia built the course for me which I can now edit and change. So much easier to work this way rather than start from scratch.

Now I am extremely satisfied, I have a course, it is running and working brilliantly!

Alessia is really patient, no problem seems too big for her to solve – there is always a solution. You are lovely to work with!

I would definitely recommend working with you. It is important for entrepreneurs to focus on what they are good at and driven towards: if building courses and general tech stuff is not their thing, finding someone who can do it who you can trust to work efficiently and conscientiously is a real win. And you, Alessia, are definitely that!

Fanny Snaith

Money Coach

Everyone should have an Alessia, she is just what every businesswoman needs!
Before our collaboration started I already had a very successful business, too successful actually, to leave me any time to take care of the tech side of things, which resulted in a complete mess in the backend of every tool I used.
Alessia has been my good tech fairy: she helped me to pick the right tools for everything I wanted to do in my business, she took care of any problem with them (and long e-mails with customer cares, when needed), and thanks to her everything in my business is now perfectly tidy and streamlined.
She’s super smart and committed, she works quickly and is very organized, she always has the perfect solution for any problem in no time and I can’t even count how much time I saved thanks to her, that I could then dedicate to more creative and profitable tasks.
Last but not least, she is a beautiful person: do your business a favour and hire her!
Giada Carta

Soulful Mentor

My name is Rachel Miller, I help Internal Communicators to succeed through consultancy and training.
Before working with Alessia, I felt overwhelmed by my website and didn’t know how to make it work well enough for me, but she has helped me navigate through the technical maze.
The work to date with Alessia has helped me make informed decisions about the technical aspects of running my business. She’s personable, approachable, knowledgeable and an expert in her field.

I recommend working with Alessia if you’re looking for clarity in your decision making. She demystifies technology for you so you can take action.

Rachel Miller


My name is Jo Frasca and my work is psychotherapy, where I work long term with clients looking to improve their emotional and mental health.
I have worked with Alessia for four months, however she has such an impact on my business it seems much longer.
Before Alessia my website and social media were complex, it had been difficult to create a modern, clean, vibrant brand.
I feel like Alessia has removed the stress and challenging aspects of this very difficult and time consuming role. As a result life and work have become much more manageable with Alessia at the helm of my online presence. I am not sure how I ever managed without her.
I would encourage anyone who’s strength is not online work to engage Alessia.
Working with this professional, engaging-ideas oriented woman has been a highlight for me. It has also opened up a world of opportunities. 

Jo Frasca


I’m Avril Carpenter, a weight loss hypnotherapist. I specialise in helping women make peace with food.

While I’m an exceptional hypnotherapist, my IT skills are rubbish.
Pre-Alessia, I was busy with face-to-face clients, but I was also frustrated because I wanted to help even more women with an online programme—but the technology held me back. It all changed when I met Alessia! Alessia is an IT wonder woman.

She speaks ‘tech’ fluently and translated it into simple, logical, understandable English.
We launched the first online programme in May, and Alessia made it sooooooo easy and fun.

There’s no way I could have done it without her. She’s capable and an absolute joy to work with. In a nutshell, Alessia has given me my time back, provided another revenue stream and a way to help even more women. Thank you!

Avril Carpenter


Alessia helped me with my first virtual conference and it’s thanks to her that it went so smoothly.

She is a genius at taking the fuss out of organisation and technology and making it happen for you. I couldn’t have delivered such an enjoyable and successful conference without her help.

Helen Packham

Alessia helped me out of a muddle with WordPress!

She is a whizz on WordPress and would highly recommend her.

In the space of 20 minutes she’d got to the bottom of my opt-in issue & had helped me set up a new sales funnel.

Nicola McLeod

Alessia helped me setting up and hosting my virtual summit in 2017, and honestly, I couldn’t have done it without her.

It’s taken way less time with her help, it would have taken me 6 months without it.
She took a weight off me in general: I focused on the marketing side of it while she made sure every little bit of the structure was working seamlessly with each other.

Absolutely a star!

Jen Hall

Business Clarity Coach

Our time: 1:23am EEST

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