Is your business running mostly online?

And how are you getting along with tech stuff?

As a tech expert, I get a lot of requests to help my clients sort out their tech challenges.

“Tech is an obstacle”.

“Tech is boring”.

“I can’t be bothered to figure it out”.

“Tech isn’t in my zone of genius and I didn’t start a business to handle tech stuff anyway!! “

I get, okay? The thing is: if you run an online business you NEED to befriend tech.


Otherwise, how do you build your list of raving fans?
How do you grow your business with webinars or challenges?
Or how do you get clients’ calls booked in and paid for?

You’re not a tech person = you’re missing out, you’re left behind while everyone else is setting up passive income courses and memberships, and you’re still wasting hours of your time doing things manually.

business growth

If indeed you’re tech-challenged and you feel like it’s stopping you from growing a thriving online business, try this:

First of all, breathe. It’s all right. My cup of tea is tech, yours may not be, but there’s nothing wrong with that.
I’m not really great at writing copy, that’s why I asked for the support of a copywriter for my website copy.

If you really feel stuck, ask for help.
Sometimes all it takes is just accepting that you can’t possibly the best at everything.

There are plenty of experts out there, business owners that are passionate about helping other entrepreneurs succeed.
All it takes, if you’re ready for levelling up and tired to see everyone else growing, is asking.


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