If you’re an online coach, you surely know how important it is to create relevant and engaging content for your ideal client.
But how often do you create new blogs? And how long does it take for you to write those blog posts?

Personally? Sometimes I do feel under pressure because I have so many ideas, but little time.
The thing is that constantly creating new content puts you under pressure.
And creating new content every week doesn’t necessarily make you more visible.
Why would you be creating new content all the time, when you surely have tons of content you can freshen up, break down in smaller bits and share multiple times?

Why repurposing your content?

There are many benefits of repurposing your content. For one, different content types reach different people, especially on social media.
Some people respond better to text, and some to videos, and some to podcasts, for example.
Reaching more people means more potential business. You will automatically get more traffic and views that way, with little to no extra work necessary.

Repurposing old content also allows you to use something that was good at one time, but can be renewed and made even better. 
You don’t want that excellent content to be ignored, so changing it up into a new format for is a great way to ensure that it won’t get lost in the future shuffle. 
There may have been readers who missed the content the first time (or you have—hopefully—acquired new customers since then who haven’t seen it) and repurposing will achieve more coverage for that excellent piece of content you worked so hard on.

That brings us to the final—and probably most beneficial— the reason why repurposing content is a great idea.
It should be the most obvious as well: time!
Imagine you can repurpose one piece of content into even three, for example.
Now you have three new pieces for your marketing, which you spent little to no time on, and extra time to work on other projects!
Everyone knows time is money, and the more time you save, the more money you can make.

How many pieces of content?

Mind! I’m not saying that for every blog post you should create a video, a podcast, 20 tweets, a presentation and who knows what else.

To start with, understand what your audience prefers and focus on that. 
As an example, you can write a blog post, go live on your Facebook page, grab a couple of sentences and turn them into a catchy snippet for your social media posts. That’s it.
If you use Instagram, you can grab a couple of quotes and create two new Instagram posts, or you can use Lumen5 to create a short video.

Be mindful of what your audience consumes and start from that.
Don’t overwhelm yourself, otherwise, there is no point in repurposing.

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