Last week I came back home to Italy after three months. As always I felt both excited and stressed about it: I came here to look after my three dogs while my parents were on holiday.
I LOVE that I can bring my work with me, but sometimes it isn’t always as easy as one could imagine.

One day I had two clients’ calls scheduled, and due to my messed up timezone in the calendar, they overlapped.
Honestly, it was so awkward and embarrassing: I tend to be very strict on planning and organizational matters, I have both a digital calendar and a paper planner where I write EVERYTHING (planner freaks here!)

So imagine my surprise when I got into my Zoom room and I didn’t find the person I was expecting to talk with!
Luckily, both of them have been really kind and understanding, but this is the real life of a digital nomad: people make it look awesome, working on the beach and sipping a drink and making a shit-ton of money.
Well, yes, that’s nice, but the other side of it involves being flexible, have a reliable system in place that helps you to sort your calls out, and this time my system failed.
I’m not going to beat myself hard on that, but as a daughter of a train conductor, timing is really important to me, so I’ll need to make sure my booking system works well when I’m travelling around.

Even though this time my system didn’t work, I really love it. You may have read other articles/watched other videos (here and here) about my onboarding system:

  • it saves time: all the steps when I sign up a new client or have a call with a current client are automated, I don’t manually send anything: agreements, invoices, reminders, everything goes automatically, and everything follows exactly the same structure, so I only need to supervise the process once in a while to make sure the flow works well.
  • it simplifies: the workflows/processes are the exactly the same for everyone, so I don’t get lost in details/forget about stuff.
  • it helps to stay on top of things: without moving a finger, you contacts move from “lead” to “client” without any manual work from your side. It means less admin for you and more time to spend on what you love doing!

To summarize, having a system in place is a real life saver, BUT automation does not mean you set it once and you forget it: once in a while you need to go and check how things are running.
Although someone believes that as humans we tend to make more errors, while machines don’t, I’m afraid I’ll to disagree. And it isn’t only a matter of mistakes, but I think it’s worth asking your clients how they felt about the onboarding procedure, so you know if something needs to be tweaked.

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When you hear "digital nomad" do you think of sipping cocktail at the beach? Well, the truth is that you need to have a solid system in place to avoid situations like I experienced.

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