Offer your clients the “wow” factor right from the get-go with an incredible welcome sequence!

Everybody has a short concentration span these days. Prospective clients, like every other person in the world, are constantly searching for that next best thing. But with a fully-developed and exciting welcome sequence that builds real trust between your brand and your prospective client, those clients will never need to look anywhere else.



The welcome sequence plays a huge part in changing the minds of visitors to your site. There’ll be lots of potential clients who sit on the fence, umming and aahing about whether to download your fantastic freebie. My welcome sequence will convert achieve its goal and build your relationship between you and your client!

The welcome sequence is a tried and tested marketing technique. The idea is simple and one you’re likely to be familiar with. When a visitor to your site gets access to some form of quality information, say an eBook or training manual, they do so in return for their email address.

I can then use this funnel to “follow up” their initial interest, explaining why they should use your service. It allows for a deeper connection between the client and your brand and offers them the chance to see what the quality of service they’re being offered.

It’s such an effective technique because we already know these people are interested in you! They just need a little bit more to convert them from potential clients into paying customers.


Who is it for?

My welcome sequence is built around your needs to set out your stall as a knowledgeable professional in your chosen industry. Your personality will be communicated the welcome sequence to enhance clients’ trust in you.

It’s ideal for the businesswoman who:

  • Has been running her successful business for 2 to 3 years
  • Wants to scale her business and needs a helping hand to do so
  • Is creative and responsible and wants to offer her clients the very best welcome experience she can


What will you get?

My welcome sequence is a fantastic vital tool for client conversion and offers a great return on investment, turning those indecisive but interested parties into fully-fledged, paying clients.

So what do you get from my welcome sequence service?

  • An automatic welcome sequence initiated each time a new user signs up to your website
  • My expert technical guidance for each and every step of the process
  • Extra time to spend with those you love thanks to automated processes
  • Reduced stress: you don’t need to learn every new software as I keep on top of the technical areas



1 welcome sequence, 6 (confirmation/delivery+5) emails,
set up with a payment link for upselling,
tags + segmentation setting,
Copy is to be provided, or I’m happy to connect you with fantastic copywriters in my network.

Starting from 450eur

Alessia’s attention to details, accurate understanding of what customer wants and prompt execution with high quality have stood out in her work delivered. I have total pleasure, trust and ease of mind when working with her. She has also demonstrated her creativity, aesthetic and resourcefulness (in available technologies/applications).
Cindy Rosset

Rosset Coaching&Training

Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take to get the sequence up and running?
Depending if the copy of the emails is ready, and if you already have a structure in mind, it can be as fast as two weeks.

In case you are unsure about the structure, your upsell product, any other detail or we need to contact a copywriter for the copy, it will take a bit longer (about one month or one and a half).

I like my email marketing tool - do I have to change it?
Absolutely not! I would not recommend using MailChimp because of its complexity when it comes about email automation, but if you’re happy with your tool, we can totally go with that.

If you’re on the fence and would like to discuss another email marketing tool, I’ll be happy to help you choose the best one for you.

Are there any other extra costs?
Extra costs may come from your email marketing provider, payment merchants like Stripe or PayPal, and third-party software for the payment and delivery of the product like SamCart or SendOwl.
Are my details safe?
Indeed they are: I use LastPass to share and store my clients’ passwords, and once finalized the project, I’m deleting all the details within one month.

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