The retainer package has the purpose of providing you with ongoing support for an area of your choosing. The retainer offers assurance for you. With focused, on-going support, your business can connect to ideal new clients, offer continuity to your current clients, and generate long-lasting revenue for years to come.

Each retainer package has a minimum commitment period of 3 months. This isn’t an arbitrary timeframe but one intended to offer you the maximum return on your investment. I’m all about helping you in the long-term, and with three months working together that’s what you’ll start to see: sustainable improvements in your business.

Here’s a rundown of the retainer packages I offer!

Social Media Support


Social media can make or break a small or new business and is absolutely vital for marketing, publicity, and simply making clients aware that you exist! With social media, you also have the opportunity to set out your stall as a knowledgeable, informed professional.
My social media package aims to place you as a leader in your industry.

The Social Media Support package includes:


  • Content creation, repurposing, and engagementProducing content or repurposing older content, and disseminating this to a focused audience of potential clients. Direct engagement is encouraged to develop these relationships.
  • Social media posting – Up to 3 times per day. Posts will be focused within an overall marketing strategy, to promote your business by demonstrating your knowledge as an experienced professional.

Content Upgrades

Everyone likes a treat, right? Content upgrades offer visitors a small gift – say a checklist or eBook – in exchange for their email address. They get expert advice and you get their consent to be contacted. Everybody wins!

Content upgrades help you grow your email list and improve your chances of turning up a sale. 

Convert that potential into profit with a treat that offers something for everyone!

Included in the Content Upgrades package are:

  • Creation of content upgrade: pdf checklists, worksheets, ebooks, cheat-sheets.
  • Audio/video files,
  • Presentations,
  • Banner/pin with opt-in form and list creation+basic email automation to deliver your fantastic content.


Blog Management

A regular blog is an important feature of every successful business website, bringing current and prospective clients back for your sound guidance while pushing up website traffic and increasing sales.

The blog also marks your territory as an industry expert and someone to be trusted.

The Website/Blog Management package includes:

  • Uploading and scheduling of blogs, including proofreading, spelling and link checking for each,
  • Creation of unique, stylized headers,
  • Plug-in updates to make sure the website’s apps are up-to-date and fully functional,
  • Automation of publishing on most influential blogging organizer sites such as Feedly and BlogLovin’.


Newsletter support

As one of the most effective ways to drive sales, connect with current clients, and increase traffic to your website, the monthly newsletter is a fantastic tool to work with.

Included in the Newsletter Support package are:


  • 4 Monthly Newsletters and proofreading of each,
  • A template or customized layout for future newsletters,
  • Link checking, tags management and segmentation to reach your most engaged subscribers and send them relevant content.


Starting from 300euro/month

Contact me and let's make it happen!

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