Do you have great plans?

Have you been thinking of membership sites/online courses or virtual summits?

You’re in the right place!

Virtual Summits


A virtual summit is one of the best ways to build your empire, position yourself as the expert, get visible and grow your list.

But the experience taught me that many times, we don’t think of what’s behind the scenes.

Running a summit it’s an amazing way to establish your authority and get super visible, BUT it takes work, effort, commitment, and planning. A lot of planning.

And I know that planning (and technology) may not be your best friends.

Which is why I’m committed to helping you build and run your virtual summit: so you can focus on visibility and marketing, while I work behind the scenes to make sure everything works perfectly, there are no tech-gremlins attacks and you can successfully hold insightful conversations with your guest to bring a lot of value to your (new) audience.

Full disclosure: working on virtual summits require at least 2 months if you are considering the idea to host one, get in touch now and let’s get the ball rolling!

Starting from 2300 euro

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Online Course Creation/Membership Sites


Are you ready to build your Empire?

Are you fully booked and getting a bit overwhelmed?

Do you want to open up your business to extra income streams? What if these could be “passive”?

Then you are definitely thinking about online courses or membership sites!

They are amazing ways to make extra money while giving value to a bigger group of people, and they require less investment of your precious time, but….. building and setting up the home for your course or membership can feel daunting.

With so many platforms out there…how do you even choose one?

And what if you choose the wrong one?!?!

The good news is…that I’m here to help you!

I can help you choose the right platform to host your course or membership, set it up for you, be on your side while you launch it, and even be on your side to keep it up and running smoothly after the launch.

Just read what Avril has to say after I set up her course (full disclaimer, she had a 639% ROI! )

Cost:  2300 euro

I’m Avril Carpenter, a weight loss hypnotherapist. I specialise in helping women make peace food. While I’m an exceptional hypnotherapist, my IT skills are rubbish. Pre-Alessia, I was busy with face-to-face clients, but I was also frustrated because I wanted to help even more women with an online programme—but the technology held me back.
It all changed when I met Alessia! Alessia is an IT wonder woman. She speaks ‘tech’ fluently and translated it into simple, logical, understandable English. We launched the first online programme in May, and Alessia made it sooooooo easy and fun. There’s no way I could have done it without her. She’s capable and an absolute joy to work with.
In a nutshell, Alessia has given me my time back, provided another revenue stream and a way to help even more women.
Thank you!
Avril Carpenter

Weight loss hypnotherapist

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