Actions speak louder than words. And when you really want to push your brand to the next level, only a big action will create the reaction you desire.

Two of the most effective tools that any brand pioneer has at their disposal today is the virtual summit and the online course.
They’re not easy to put together, but the pay-off can be huge, generating multiple leads and potential long-term business.

Read on to find out how I can help you reaching your pinnacle.


Virtual Summits


For an entrepreneur or business owner, the need to carve out a space for yourself in a highly-competitive online market is at once both essential and highly challenging. Here’s where I come in.

To be clear: the virtual summit isn’t primarily about pushing sales in the short term. Instead, it’s a brilliant tool to help you establish authority, receive recognition, and build trust within your industry. The virtual summit attracts industry members and potential clients and will lead to greater sales down the line. But its initial purpose is to provide a strong foundation of reliability, experience, leadership, and authority that will transition your name and brand and attract future clients.

Virtual summits are so attractive because participants don’t have to commit any money, or much time, but can walk away with a great deal of industry insight. The experience builds trust between you and a wide range of people – an essential quality in the intangible online world.

You also receive the contact information of potential clients and enjoy a great networking experience as speakers and guests are invited to your summit.

A summit I recently designed and put together, The Elite Entrepreneurial Leaders Virtual Conference will give you an idea of the incredible utility a virtual summit provides.

Each virtual summit has its own requirements and, so for this reason, I don’t offer standard prices. So get in touch with me today so we can start a conversation and begin the planning for your very own virtual summit masterclass!

Starting from 2300 euro

Online Course Creation/Membership Sites


You’re an expert who wants to reach a wider audience and help as many people as you can. So, what about spreading your knowledge, increase your visibility, connect with lots of people and changing their lives?
Then creating your online course/membership site might well be the best route for you!

So creating an online course isn’t easy. But nothing easy is worth having. It takes time and it takes effort to create a value-adding online course that students want to sign up too. You have to make sure that what you’re offering is worth their time and their commitment. None of these things come simply. But the benefits are enormous!

You can share and tech what you know with an unlimited amount of clients, reaching far more people than on a 1:1 basis.
As the source of information and knowledge, you are looked up to as a sure-fire path to success.

You mark yourself and your business out as leaders within the field.

You engage with a whole heap of people at the same time, offering an extremely time-efficient way to reach new business.

The online course is hard work. But I’m here to help. As the facilitator of your course, I do the leg-work of stitching it all together.

You provide the content and I do the rest.

Though creating an online course is a commitment, the dividends are incredible.

Contact me to find out more about how I can help you launch an online course/membership site, choose the best tools for your business stage (so we get rid of the tech overwhelm) and teach you how to use your shiny, new product (because support comes before everything else, and I want to make sure you understand what we’re doing and can implement it, if needed.)

Starting from 1500 euro

I’m Avril Carpenter, a weight loss hypnotherapist. I specialise in helping women make peace food. While I’m an exceptional hypnotherapist, my IT skills are rubbish. Pre-Alessia, I was busy with face-to-face clients, but I was also frustrated because I wanted to help even more women with an online programme—but the technology held me back.
It all changed when I met Alessia! Alessia is an IT wonder woman. She speaks ‘tech’ fluently and translated it into simple, logical, understandable English. We launched the first online programme in May, and Alessia made it sooooooo easy and fun. There’s no way I could have done it without her. She’s capable and an absolute joy to work with.
In a nutshell, Alessia has given me my time back, provided another revenue stream and a way to help even more women.
Thank you!
Avril Carpenter

Weight loss hypnotherapist

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