Ever feel like you’re going round in circles while trying – and failing – to get everything that you need done, done?

It’s an amazing contradiction of the times we live in that we seem to spend more time on communication and thankless admin chores despite having the technology that is meant to make these things easier!


Reading and replying to emails, tracking processes, and sending invoices. Sometimes it feels like the real work can never be done because every waking second is spent doing these little jobs. And there always seems to be more of them.

But Asana really helps to change all that so that you can take control of your time once more.

Streamline your tasks and organize projects more efficiently to minimize the time you spend doing the things you do not enjoy and maximize your business growth.

Asana amalgamates each part of a project in one easily navigable and presentable platform for better management. Asana embeds everything you need to run a project smoothly.

What have you got pending? When does it need to be done by? Who will you need to contact? Each conceivable fragment of every project you have can be laid out in front of you so that you understand what you need to get on with next and don’t lose track of what you’ve already done.


Who is it for?

My Project Management with Asana Service is for the go-getting woman who has decided that she wants to take her business to the next level. It’s ideal for someone who:

  • Has been running her successful business for 2 to 3 years
  • Is at a stage where expansion requires a little extra help and processes need to be efficient
  • Demands the best in order to continue scaling her business
  • Wants to spend less time on administration and concentrate on what she’s best at


What will you get?

Asana will help you better carry out each project by breaking huge and impossible tasks into easily completed smaller ones. This really helps your mindset! It makes a project simple – with everything laid out in front of you, you really understand every step of the way.

But what are the promises and benefits that you can enjoy with my Project Management with Asana Service?

  • Simple, straight-forward viewing: you can see each step of your project and give each individual segment its own label or group segments in batches
  • Ease of communication: once a task is complete everyone can see, meaning there’s no need to send extra emails, make phone calls, or do the same job twice
  • I’m with you every step of the way: you get a thorough guide of how to use Asana and I’m always here to call on
  • Increased efficiency and better all-around management of every facet of your business activity
  • Huge savings in time and energy so that you can focus on what you love

The fact that Avon, Google, and The New York Times use Asana to help improve their project management is a big sign of the app’s quality.

And you don’t have to download anything! It’s all web-based.

Once you begin with Asana, you might never be able to live without it.



  • Strategy call to define what you want to organize (client database, procedures and systems, content management, daily/weekly planner, etc)
  • Creation of your own workspace in Asana,
  • Set up of up to projects defined during the call,
  • Collection and import of all needed documents, so you have all your procedures, systems, planner or documentation all in one and easily accessible place,
  • Training to teach you how to best implement your new organized workspace


297 euro (for the set up of more projects, please let me know and I’ll provide you with a customized quote)

Alessia helped our organization by keeping contacts with the participants of our events. The last was massive and without such an organized person it could have been extremely hard for us to keep organized and balance our work. Her support was absolutely needed.
I Sedici Forti di Ancona

Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take to have Asana set up?
Depending on what Asana is going to help you with, it can take between two and six weeks, that’s why after a first free call, I’ll send you a customized quote and an estimated length of the project.
Are there any extra costs involved?
No, Asana is a free web-based tool that does not require any extra costs for you. That’s why I love it so much!
What will you need from me?
During our first free call, we’re going to define what are the most important bits of your business to organize.

Let’s say you want your processes organized: I would need to get from you the structure of your current systems, or if you don’t have, I’m going to help you create a streamlined procedure that works in your business, and then I’m going to build the structure in Asana, so you can always access for a quick reminder, or share it with your team to make you sure all the steps are followed properly.

Are my details safe?
Yes, I only use LastPass as password manager, I’m GDPR compliant, and once the project is finalized, your details are going to be deleted within one month.

Interested? Book a free call and let’s make it happen!