My Story

I love to travel and until now, I’ve lived in seven countries – Italy where I was born, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Malta, Spain, before moving to Finland in 2016.

When I arrived in Helsinki I decided to put my education and experience to use and start an online business as a virtual assistant.  I worked hard and learned from experience. And now, offering my technical expertise to help professional women like you all around the world, I can say it was all worthwhile.

I hold high standards for my services and strive to simplify the systems of your online business.

My work allows me to support the causes that are very close to my heart: animal welfare and the education of girls and women. I give back to the causes that I care for by donating part of my wage each month.

It’s important for me to stand up for what I believe in and to take action in creating change.

What I do for You

I help female entrepreneurs like you, upscale your online coaching and consulting businesses.

But what does this mean? It means growth. It means that I help you build a more visible presence online. It means that your social media profile becomes a touchstone for professionals in your industry. And it means that premium clients demand your services.

I implement the know, like, and trust factors that are vital to growing an audience online so that your business is always booming.

I put my techy experience and skills to use, handling backend operations so that you don’t have to. I take care of email marketing and deliver quality content to your subscribers.

I reduce the fuss, faff and bothersome tasks of running a successful enterprise so that you can do what you love: focus on building your business.

I help successful women enjoy the work-life balance they deserve. I streamline systems and save you time and energy that you can better spent relaxing with family and friends.

So really, you might be better off asking, what don’t I do?

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