This is my first working day in 2019 and since I got sick over Christmas, I decided to write a sort of recap of what has been going on in 2018 for me, just to reflect over a year that has been challenging, exciting, frustrating at times, but rich of learnings.

2018 was the year of my rebranding, it was the year of clarity and also the year of some intense aha moments – at the same time, it was the year of creation and visibility.

So, let’s dive in and explore my 2018 learnings:

1) Clarity

In 2018 I invested in an intensive session over a sunny weekend in May with the amazing Jen Hall. I “walked away” (not literally, since I attended from the comfort of my sunny Finnish patio) with clarity about myself, my business, my ideal clients and my message.

Everything started to make sense and I felt immediately more confident – I don’t honestly know if I ever felt so confident and clear in my business, what I know for sure though, is that making that investment was a stretch, but the ROI has been massive: I’m not just talking about money, but my confidence as an expert skyrocketed and I levelled up my business since then.

My learning? Investing can be a stretch, but no one else is going to invest in myself and my business. And to keep challenging myself and growing, as a woman and as a business owner, I’m determined to keep investing on myself.

2) Money

This has a direct correlation with point 1 but no, I’m not talking about how much money I made in 2018, but I’m rather talking about knowing my worth.

In 2018 I learned to feel confident about what I’m asking for my services. Yes, I’m proud to offer premium services to my clients.
And I’m confident in my skills.

I learned to understand that I’m an expert in my field and no shame is needed when you know who you are and what you’re worth.

During the Christmas holidays I reviewed my business using Meera Kothand’s CREATE planner and one of the last things she talks about is the feeling like a fraud, thinking “..but I’m not an expert” and I love how she describes one:

“An expert isn’t someone who has all the answers […] An expert is someone willing to dig deeper and search for other ways when the current one isn’t working.”

And well..that’s what I’m doing for my clients, and for myself.
And I’m shamelessly worth it.

3) New identity

Exactly a year ago, I had started a rebranding. The term and role “Virtual Assistant” felt boring and suffocating, so I figured that I had to move forward and evolve.
I thought it would be quick because I had everything in mind and as compulsive planner and organizer, I wanted to have a quick and straighforward timeline.

The reality? It took three months to finish everything, and even then, it felt like something was missing.

I’m in love with my brand, and looking back, yes, it was a lot of work, it was time-consuming and challenging, but honestly? It was worth it.

And I don’t know if I ever going to do it again 😀 , but at least now I know what it takes and in the future, I will know how to handle it.
So my big takeaway from the rebranding is that I can’t control everything, and some things take longer than I expect.

Some things need to mature, and some others will take a lot of work but will end up in the trash bin because they don’t align any longer.
It’s fine, it’s all part of the journey.

4) New direction

I know I have already talked about the rebranding, but I believe it’s worth to reflect on the change I made from transitioning from being a virtual assistant to being a tech expert.
Not only it’s been an upgrade of my skills and direction, but it’s been an upgrade of my mindset, too!

As a general VA, I did learn new software and tools, but the majority of the time I wasn’t asked to deal with advanced ones.
When I started working on the Monetise your Mission telesummit with Jen Hall and using ClickFunnels, something clicked in my mind.
And I became more and more curious about funnels and advanced tools.

That’s pretty much how it all began, but it did take time before I changed my title to Tech Expert.

Was the word “expert” freaking me out? Maybe, but as I said in point 2, 2018 has been the year to accept my expertise and be unapologetic about it.

5) Consistency

Here is something I struggle with, from time to time. I’m impatient, I want to see the results.
And 2018 taught me that the results will come when I give them time.

It’s a matter of trusting that something will happen if I give enough time. Then I can review, change and improve.

I know already that this is something I will need to keep in mind all the time, during this year, because a lot is going to happen, and I will need to be consistent.

If I look back to last year, one of the first things that come to my mind is all the new subscribers I got on my list: I consistently put out there my 3 systems to grow, scale and automate your online coaching business and, testing and tweaking, my list started to grow.

And honestly? It feels great to get feedback like these!

6) Visibility

2018 was also the year of visibility.

I put myself and my story out there more often and I’m proud of myself. Being an introvert, it hasn’t been easy to pitch and be so “visible”, but now I have to say that it feels great to share my story, because I know that out there, there might be someone who has just moved to another country, who doesn’t have a network, doesn’t speak the language and is desperately looking for a job, but maybe has a secret dream to be independent.

And I know that my story can be an inspiration for them.

Here the interviews from 2018:

And how can I forget my webinar at the end of November?
That was my first ever webinar, and it’s hilarious that I’ve been so many times behind the scenes of a webinar, but only last year I finally decided to step up and host my own.

I have to say that I enjoyed the planning and to my surprise, running it!
I was nervous, yes, but I thought I would be panicking instead, which didn’t happen ( 😀 ) because of the journey I was on in 2018: learning to accept myself as the expert in my field, being totally honest, transparent and proud of it.

I had a lot of fun during the webinar and besides sharing some epic useful stuff, I also shared some little things about me that most of my clients and online buddies don’t know about me, so if you’re curious, click here and catch up with the replay 😉

Looking forward to what’s coming

I need to hit the stop button or I may add way too much to this reflection, but to close, what I want to say is that 2018 has been rich, abundant and joyful.
Yes, even with the three months of frustration over the rebranding, and a couple of months of serious struggle to make my life and business work together.
I learned to take time off and to lower my expectations on what I can do when I’m at home in Italy – more time for family, less stress over what I’m supposed to do.
I learned to take time for learning something new: whether is sewing sleeves, a new crochet stitch or a new tool, I understood the importance of the learning process.

Patience, my young Padawan!

So at this point, I am looking forward to seeing what 2019 will bring on!

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