Rock The Tech Membership

Beat the Overwhelm with the Ultimate Solution to your Tech Challenges

Is your head about to explode after hours of trying to set up your opt-in form, without success?

And what about the frustration that sets in when you try to arrange a call with a client, but there is always something coming up and you keep going back and forth with ten emails “when does it work for you? No, I’ can’t that day”….

Should we talk about the time you’ve lost puzzling over that payment system/email management system/funnel builder finding yourself no further forward from where you started?

I know it’s frustrating, because when I started my online business I was there, too.

All around me I saw other people running webinars, challenges, having fancy landing pages with payment buttons, and they even had cool email sequences AND knew when I did or didn’t click on their links!

How on earth do they do it???” I wondered.

Starting a business is already a challenge, and you’ve been really brave but...I guess

you haven’t started your business to handle tech stuff,

am I right?

You probably started your business because you are really passionate about helping your clients to succeed, whether it's a career change or a new business, you shine when you see the impact you make on your clients’ lives!

Only….a huge portion of your time goes to figuring out how a tool works.

And you don’t figure it out because, let’s be open about it, tech isn’t really your cup of tea: you don’t like it, you don’t understand it and it just makes your head explode!

Your to-do list becomes longer and longer and those tech-related bits are there, day after day after day...the problem is:

If you don’t sort them out, you’re missing out

on sales, on creating a community and on building a thriving business.

Tech stuff feels like a mountain, a huge mountain you are totally unprepared to climb, BUT…tech is essential for your online business!

You don’t need any fancy software, but, for example, to get paid in your business, you need a payment system.

To get calls booked with your clients, you need a smooth booking system.

To build an audience, you need a simple opt-in form and welcome sequence.

These are absolutely vital components of your online business!

Kay Fabella

The support you give people is so so valuable!

Alessia is not just generous with her time and knowledge, she walks her talk and helps you banish your tech hurdles, no matter what your problem.

Kay Fabella



  • How would you feel if you would have simple and smooth systems that serve you and your online business?
  • You wake up and are so excited to get to work: you’ve got clients’ calls today and there’s nothing you enjoy more than this: having a real impact on your clients’ lives.
  • You feel in control, on top of your game and organized, because you have simple and effective systems in your business
  • Your clients pay you easily and quickly, without manual inputs from your side
  • Technology supports you in growing your audience and reaching more people, because you have a simple welcome funnel in place that helps you bond with your subscribers
  • ultimately, makes you feel unstoppable and like there are no limits to where you can bring your online business!

Trust me, this can absolutely be you!
Don't let tech be an obstacle!

I’m a tech expert and I’m known to set up and take care of simple systems that help my clients grow, scale and automate their businesses.

The reason why I do it?

Because I’m fed up seeing amazing women playing small because of tech obstacles.

Because I believe tech shouldn’t be an obstacle, but a vital tool that supports your business, that’s why I'm here to help you make the process of running an online business as smooth as possible so you can get back to doing the things you do best.

But I also know that budget is an important thing to keep in mind especially when you’re starting out, so I decided to open up something specifically for online business owners who don’t yet have a budget to invest in done-for-you services.



I created an amazing space where you can have my expertise available to help you grow your business, start building your community and reach more prospects and clients: it’s a special community where you get:


  • Immediate access to step by step video tutorials on automating social media content, how to set up an opt-in and welcome sequence, how to make your online business secure without having to remember a thousand different passwords, creating one-time PayPal buttons and recurring payments, how to set up and integrate a call booking system into your website
  • A Facebook group where you can ask questions, seek feedback and request tutorials
  • As a member you’ll get exclusive rights to request tech tutorials that you need right now in your business and have them created specifically for you
  • A monthly Q&A to give you feedback, advice, tool suggestion, to help you define steps to take, help you sort out tech problems you have, identify the best structure to automate/streamline your processes, ultimately? Getting you unstuck and overcome tech obstacles!
  • 15% discounts on all my done for you services

Want some extra?
For every successful new member you refer,
you get a 30 euro referral bonus!!

Who is it for?


This membership has been created for the tech-challenged online business owner.

You might be starting out, or moving your business into the online space, but you don’t yet have the budget for a done-for-you service.

What you get is my step by step guidance that will help even the most tech-challenged person have simple systems that serve you and your online business, so you can actually focus on what you love doing!


How much?


Getting to the juicy part!!!

I want to make this membership available for everyone who wants to kick the tech in the butt and is determined to grow her business and I’m opening the doors for the amazing price of



37euro is approx 33pounds and 42USD




instead of 444euro (503USD/400pounds) 

BONUS! Get a sixty minute 1:1 session with me to help you map out your online growth plan!

Take a look inside

Nicola McLeod

Just want to give a big shout out to the lovely Alessia who helped me out of a muddle yesterday with Wordpress!

She is a whizz on Wordpress and would highly recommend her.

In the space of 20 mins, she'd got to the bottom of my opt-in issue & had helped me set up a new sales funnel  GENIUS! Thanks again lovely 💞

Nicola McLeod


37euro is approx 33pounds and 42USD




instead of 444euro (503USD/400pounds) 

BONUS! Get a sixty minute 1:1 session with me to help you map out your online growth plan!

Ultimately, what do you get from the

Rock the Tech membership?



All my expertise and knowledge to support you getting unstuck from tech obstacles, grow your business, build your lists, automate and ultimately become unstoppable because tech isn’t stopping you anymore!

Think: not only you can follow the tutorials at your own pace and have them always available, but you can pop in the facebook group all your questions, doubts and requests for clarifications (and have them solved quickly)!

Plus, you won't need to spend hours looking for a clear, simple, quick tutorial in that overload on information that is YouTube!

Are you ready to Rock the Tech??




37euro is approx 33pounds and 42USD




instead of 444euro (503USD/400pounds) 

BONUS! Get a sixty minute 1:1 session with me to help you map out your online growth plan!

Being a member of Rock the Tech does not involve any done for you service: during the monthly calls, I’ll be available to help you by showing you how to sort your tech challenges out.

Done for you services can be purchased separately and since you’re a member you get a 15% discount.

The minimum stay is three months.