GDPR. You’ve probably heard of it. You know it’s going into effect on May 25th.


But you have no idea where to start to make you and your online business fully compliant.

You’re full of doubts and uncertainty about getting your email marketing fully GDPR compliant.

You’re watching 10 different videos, all with contrasting information.

You ’re reading all about how to set up a compliant form, full of tech details that only give you a headache.

I’ve done all this the past few weeks, too.

I’ve watched all the videos, read all the articles, followed the best GDPR experts. And to be honest at some point — it got really confusing.

So I decided to go back to basics.


I’ve gone through the steps to make my business compliant and applied all my tech skills.

And I’ve figured out a way to help other online entrepreneurs like you make your email marketing fully compliant without the hassle and the headaches.


Here’s what I’ve put together for you:


-A GDPR compliant sign-up form for your fantastic lead magnet

– A GDPR compliant email automation to keep in touch with your subscribers legally

-A GDPR compliant and documented system to gain and store consent


It’s all customized for you, your business, your email marketing platform, so no one-size-fits-all for me.


This package is perfect for you if you want to:


Stop worrying about GDPR and make your business compliant once and for all,

– Forget about tinkering with all the tech and just GET IT DONE!

– Have a smooth, legal and documented system to keep connecting with your subscribers to keep growing your online business



If you dream of waking up on May 25th and be 100% compliant, well, this is the right solution for you.



As a tech expert, I’ve seen time and time again the HUGE mistake business owners make just to “save a few bucks”.

But do you want to know the truth?

The do-it-yourself approach doesn’t work, nor it does it save you money in the long run.

In all honesty, I would feel selfish if I wouldn’t share my knowledge on GDP with you: It’s coming up soon and you’ve got to be compliant. No ifs, ands or buts. It’s doable, and I can help you make it happen for your business by May 25th.


Here’s what some of my recent clients have said about the impact my support and technical skills have had on their lives and businesses:



If you’re ready to get your email marketing GDPR compliant and without the headache of technology, conflicting information and stress, then all you need to do is click here and book a call with me today.

What you get:



1 initial call to make sure you have all the documents in place and see if anything needs to be updated,

1 sign up form for your freebie + one fully compliant automated email sequence,

Set up of a system that allows you to prove how and when consent was given,

PDF report as supporting evidence to show what steps you follow to gain consent from your subscribers,

Final call to walk you through the steps and answer your questions.


IMPORTANT: this is a one-time investment, once I set up the system for you, you can replicate it as many times as you want for all your future lead magnets and email automations!!


Investment: 397 euro


Frequently Asked Questions:



1) Are there any extra costs involved?

No, if you already have a privacy policy or have purchased Susan Dibble’s pack you don’t need anything else. Obviously, I will need your updated privacy policy, so if you haven’t yet got that sorted out, it may take just a bit longer for you to be compliant (but remember that no one is going to knock at your door and prove you are compliant, on May 25th. We’re not Facebook or Google, thank God).


2) Are my details safe?

Yes, I’m already fully GDPR compliant, I use LastPass as a password manager and it’s been compliant for some weeks already.

Plus, when I’m sorting out your email marketing compliance, I’ll make sure to request and handle the Data Protection Agreement your email marketing provider needs to have available for you.


3) How do I document my process for gaining consent?

You don’t need to do it. I’ll do it for you. Once I set up the whole system, I’m going to prepare a PDF report with screenshots, so you have evidence of the process you use to gain consent from your subscribers.

In addition, when the project is finalized, I’ll walk you through the step in a final call, so you know exactly how your subscribers are giving you consent.

Are you ready to get your email marketing GDPR compliant and without the headache of technology, conflicting information and stress?

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