Episode – 009- Newsletter Jargon 101: How to Understand What Happens in your Newsletter Platform

Don’t you just LOVE it when someone talks in an incomprehensible way and makes you feel like a total fool? Well, in this episode I want to help you understand newsletter jargon so you can actually up your game and do something good with it. As usual, I’m breaking down each of the most important elements and why they are important to you. Behold: this is an episode full of AHA moments!

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Main Takeaways from This Episode:

  • Segmentation – and why it’s important
  • A/B testing – and why it can really help you shed a light on low conversions and clicks
  • RSS campaign – and why you shouldn’t rely on it too much

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Read the transcript of the episode below:

Our time: 12:54am EEST

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