Don’t get me wrong, I’m a great fan of DIY projects, pretty much any kind of handicrafts, BUT..have you ever thought of how many damages can bring you, this DIY thingy, in your online business?
I get it, sometimes you may think you don’t have a budget for outsourcing, some other times you simply feel weird to ask for help.
We are proud women and reaching out isn’t really the easiest thing for us.

You see, when you try to figure things out yourself, but it isn’t really your jam, you risk to:
-lose money: you may spend money on something you don’t need and are never going to use, just to make up for your first failed attempts, or you may end paying someone for a rush project;

  • lose time: seriously? all the time spent trying to sort out something on your website, or how to set up your payment system with outdated YouTube video tutorials….
  • lose your temper: the frustration, the impulse of smashing your laptop because you’re so fed up with this stuff..ever felt it?

What to do then? Reach out and simply ask. There is nothing wrong in asking for support, especially when something prevents you from moving forward in your business.
Why should you spend time on trying to figure out an automated payment system for your membership site, if tech isn’t really your jam? You could focus instead on creating content for your members, or be promoting the membership itself.

So, next time you see that you’re getting stuck by some tech stuff, why don’t you reach out, so you can actually focus on your zone of genius?

You’ve got someone that can help you just here, so if you’d rather get rid of the frustration of handling tech stuff and focus on what you really love, book a call with me here.

Alessia is a Tech Expert and rescues online coaches from tech disasters so they can easily grow, scale and automate their businesses.
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