GDPR. I know, right? Just the name gives a headache and pain.

But since we are (you and I) small businesses, if not solo-entrepreneurs, we have a big advantage: you probably don’t have employees, and son’t have a big company, so our process to become compliant is easier and quicker.

In this (long) article, I’m sharing with you some extremely useful tools that helped me get my head around this hot topic. I’m going to cover some must-watch videos, plus what tools for your email marketing, online courses and daily management are already compliant/what are they doing to become so.

Useful learning resources:

Susan Dibble’s Facebook group is a huge source of information, plus she goes live pretty much every day and explains all you need to know about GDPR.

Her webinar that covers the most important legal things to have in place to be compliant.

Her marketing-related webinar  (watch the webinar above first, if you haven’t already!)

GDPR and lead magnets – do you need a checkbox? Clarity on the sign-up process

Experts’ interviews: from data breach to re-engagement campaigns, digital marketing and data security


Useful business management tools:

The tools listed here are either GDPR compliant (or soon to be), or are part of the EU/US Privacy Shield, if based in the US.

Asana – EU-US privacy shield   –
My favourite tool to manage my business, my content, my schedule…pretty much everything! This is the number 1 project management tool and I’m happy to know I can still use this safely!

Google Suite – Compliant  
If you use a GSuite account you’re safe. By GSuite account, I mean Google for Business, so I’m not talking about a regular Gmail address. That means that if you use a normal Gmail account for your business, you’ll need to upgrade to GSuite.

LastPass – Compliant
My life-saver password manager is 100% GDPR compliant and I couldn’t be more grateful! This free tool is really a lifesaver for me!

Acuity Calendar – Soon to be
This is the booking system I use, and according to this article, they’re going to be compliant by May 25th and let all of their users know about it. At this date, I haven’t yet received any official communication from them.

there is no mention of gdpr, but they have a DPO in Luxembourg, so it should be alright.And if they don’t comply, they’re going to lose so many customers, so I’m confident their new privacy policy is compliant.
You can find the new privacy policy here.

Stripe – EU-US privacy shield
Stripe is the payment system I use for their lower commission rates, and they’ve been members of the EU/US privacy shield for some time already. If you use Stripe, you’re safe and you don’t need to worry.

Zoom – EU-US privacy shield and soon GDPR
My go-to tool for online meetings and calls. More reliable and with way more features than Skype.


Most used email marketing platforms:

Active Campaign
They already have pretty much all the features to make your email marketing compliant, and just last week they sent out an email letting their clients know about the data protection agreement you can request and store.

Get Response
They’ve been working on their compliance since March 2016 and they’re finalizing now the last bits. They say they’ll add the DPA soon in everyone’s profile so that it’s easy to sign and store. They have also a guide that covers what they’ve done and how you can comply.

They are making it easy to set up a fully compliant form, although I still believe MailChimp is a clunky system and you should not use it for email marketing. Their segmentation and email automation is very mechanical and not smooth at all.

They are working toward 100& compliance and already offer a set of tools that will help you make your forms and lists compliant. They’re soon releasing the DPA you can request via email.

They are based in Europe, so they are GDPR compliant. They also offer a set of tools to help you become compliant and videos to show you how you can provide evidence of consent to whoever might request it.


Passive income: Membership sites or Online Courses:

It’s self-hosted on your WordPress website, and you are the only person who has access to the data, so once your business is compliant, you’re safe (don’t forget to check third parties like payment gateways).

From their FB group on April 23rd: [GDPR UPDATE] We have received the GDPR Gap Analysis from the agency working with us on this. The implementation will start to close all those gaps on May 2nd. We are very much on track, so nothing to worry. At the end of this exercise, we will also provide you sample templates that you can use to create your own policies for your schools, membership sites, and order pages.

From their resource page, they are working toward being 100% compliant by May 25th.

They are preparing a DPA for all the users and are actively working toward compliance. More for course creators here.

They are actively working to be compliant before May 25th although they don’t mention yet any DPA ready for their users.

Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress
Self-hosted as OptimePress, so you’re the only one having access to students’ data (and payment gateway provider, but as far as you use a compliant method, you’re alright).



Now, this is a lot, I know, but I wanted to provide you with as many information as I could so that you know what tools to use. Please, don’t overanalyze things now, I know it looks overwhelming, but the truth is that you don’t need to do it all alone.

In fact, I just want to let you know that I’m offering customized support to make your email marketing 100% GDPR compliant. Just click here and book a call with me, but remember that:

a) I’m only one, so I have limited spaces,

b) we have 23 days before GDPR comes into force.


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