Five Steps to Beat the Shiny Object Syndrome

Episode – 015- Five Steps to Beat the Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny object syndrome. FOMO.

So common, when you work in the online space and everyone is talking about “that” tool that seems to make miracles and solve all your problems. That latest AppSumo deal is really tempting you…but will you actually use it? Will it be right for you?

AppSumo is my kryptonite, so I had to figure out how to tame the shiny object syndrome, or else I would have drowned in digital clutter!

In this episode, I’m sharing my 5 step method to beat the shiny object syndrome, FOMO, and figure out if that latest sweet AppSumo deal is the right one for you.

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Full transcription

Hello and welcome to Episode 15 of the Online Business Tech Hub. This is Alessia, your host tech expert for online coaches and consultants on a mission to rescue my clients from tech disasters. Today we are talking about shiny object syndrome and more specifically, my 5 steps to beating it so that you can avoid wasting money on something you don’t need, so that you avoid the fear of missing out, and so that you avoid the digital clutter, which is so much, you know, all these notifications and all the software that you sign up to and don’t really use and you still get bombarded with their newsletters and notifications and so on.

So let’s get rid of that and let’s focus on this episode. 5 Steps to beat Shiny Object Syndrome. Now, where did I get the inspiration for this episode? So I got the inspiration for this episode by thinking about my relationship with App Sumo, which is a wonderful, amazing, super cool website, where basically they collect the best deals they find out there about software and tools that can or cannot help you grow and scale your online business.

There are so many deals in there and the vast majority of times you can sign up, you can get software for a one-time fee instead of having to pay a monthly fee or a yearly fee. So the concept is fantastic. But for a person like me, absolutely, it’s also my kryptonite. OK, I check it regularly and I usually always find it super attractive. The software and tools calling me to spend money on them.

So sometimes there are fantastic deals and other times it can also be that tools look really cool but then they aren’t really up to the standards. They are really not great. They might look great on the page, the way build the sales page and all the videos and so on make them look fantastic. But the truth is that maybe they aren’t really. And sometimes the reason why the software doesn’t really work and you can apply for a refund. It can also be before because of the usability or maybe because they have terrible customer service, which has happened to me.

OK, but this comes once you have paid for the software. Once you’ve got it before you pay it’s so easy to get this shiny object syndrome and fear of missing out. Especially when everyone around you is talking about the specific deal. So you go on to a Facebook group and everyone’s saying, oh, did you see that there is this tool that has a lifetime deal and it’s expiring in 24 hours, did you see it? I just thought it’s amazing. And then everyone starts to comment that oh yeah, I have it and it’s really cool. Oh, I’ve seen it as well. I’m really tempted. Everyone is talking about it. And then you get the FOMO you get this fear of missing out because I mean if everyone is talking about it and you ignore it, maybe you should really take a look at it.

But sometimes shiny object syndrome happens because everyone got it and the fear of missing out, it’s actually something that makes you do the wrong thing. So maybe makes you buy the wrong software for you. Maybe it makes you buy something that is very similar to something you have already signed up for, but you completely forgot about it. And that happened to a client of mine. She had completely forgotten she had already signed up for another software, another social media scheduling software that was working really well.

And she signed up for another one on App Sumo because she found this deal and everyone was talking about it. And then she found herself with two software doing exactly the same thing. And one was paying for it on a monthly basis and the other one had got the lifetime deal. But she wasn’t really sure if that other software was so much better than the one she had already signed up for and really used.

So I get the shiny object syndrome and the fear of missing out as well, especially when an offer is expiring soon. And I’ve been on and off checking out the page and I’ve been on the verge. OK, but the thing is that that I am also a very careful buyer. I learn to understand that I need to make sure that what I’m buying or what they want to sign up for, is useful that it works well for me. But even then, it doesn’t mean that I don’t get this shiny object syndrome. Of course, I get it like everyone else.

But in the years doing my job, I obviously had to learn to control it, to learn to understand how can I figure out if the software is the right one for me or not? OK. And so I developed my own method, my own way to avoid buying unnecessary software because I am so overwhelmed with all the software I signed up for, all the software that I manage for my clients. It’s as I said at the beginning, digital clutter, a lot of notifications and newsletters, and also data, you know, data that you are giving away unnecessarily.

And I have become quite mindful about the data I share online, and I share my data only when it’s strictly necessary. OK, so I don’t want to sign up for the software that I’m not going to use because again, I’m sharing my behavioral data as well and I don’t want that. So what is my own 5 step method to being a more mindful buyer when you are on App Sumo and you are giving in to shiny object syndrome?

So I see a tool and I do it quite frequently because I check App Sumo pretty much every single week. OK, so the first step I do is that I either go through the whole page on App Sumo, the sales page on App Sumo and I read it carefully. If I don’t have time to read it carefully, I will bookmark the page and get back to it later. But I make sure that I read the whole page. And then I also go and check the website of the software because I want to read about it more. I want to see some examples.

Step number two, if I am happy with what I’ve been reading. If I go and check the reviews and the questions. So App Sumo has a separate section for the reviews and for the questions that people can ask before they buy. And I also pay a lot of attention to how the questions have been answered by the customer service because many times it has also happened that people have asked a lot of questions and their questions have gone unanswered for weeks.

And that for me is already a red flag because it means that there is a lack of support from the customer service, that they are not interested or they are not paying attention to genuine questions that buyers or possible buyers have for them. So that for me already is a red flag. If I see a lot of unanswered questions, that’s a red flag for me.

Then the next step is that I will watch videos, video tutorials, or sometimes App Sumo also hosts webinars with the founders of that company, tool, software, and they usually host webinars to really show how the tool works behind the scenes. And that is really useful because you get an idea about the step by step to create, I don’t know, for example, funnels or online courses or anything else. I think it’s really useful to watch those webinars. Then if I like what I saw during the webinar or when I watched the video tutorials, the next step is that I would sign up for a trial.

So I use a different email address to sign up for a trial and then if I like it, I will buy it. And now I understand that this may seem like an unnecessary hassle to go through because you can always ask for a refund if you don’t like the software. But if you think about it, it saves you time. Because, for example, if we go back to the part where I go and check the other reviews and the questions, as I said if I see that a lot of questions have gone unanswered, that for me is a really, really big red flag. And if it doesn’t pass the test, meaning that there are no questions that have been answered in the past two weeks or even in the past week, then I will skip that.

The thing is that when you sign up for the software, then you need to kind of figure it out yourself. Yeah, sure. You can watch the video tutorials, but you still need to get accustomed to the software. And while you think about it, if you get accustomed to software, you are trying to get acquainted. You are trying to figure out how to set it up, how to use it, and maybe you need something, and the customer service is really not helpful and not responsive. You are wasting a lot of precious time.

So going through this 5 steps method has helped me save time and money as well. OK, so these are the 5 steps that I use for myself to get rid of the shiny object syndrome when I am on App Sumo and I will recap them in a moment.

The last thing I want to share with you is the software that I bought via App Sumo. So if you come across the software, then you have an idea about what they are about. So the last purchase I did was Funnel Joy, which unfortunately I had to refund because it had terrible customer service. So even though they were answering the questions on App Sumo’s sales page, unfortunately, the customer service was horrible.

My questions have gone unanswered and I’m still waiting for some answers to get to my inbox. And I mean, I think I signed up for Funnel Joy like two months ago. So terrible customer service. The other one that I signed up for is Blinq. So it’s link tracking software. It’s quite advanced. So far, so good. I’m really enjoying it. It seems to be really useful and the customer service has been very, very supportive.

And a couple of tools I am going to purchase very soon are Vid Maker that I will use instead of Loom to record videos, video tutorials, screen sharing when I want to, for example, make a tutorial for my clients or anyone else that I want to record my video, my screen, I will get that. I will get Vid Maker because it seems to be more superior to Loom, so I want to give it a try. It has definitely passed my test.

And then the other one I want to buy, I want to sign up for is Marquiz, which is a software that helps you build quizzes for lead generation that also pass the test. And it looks extremely user-friendly, simple to use. Yeah, definitely something intriguing if you want to test quizzes for your business. I think this Marquiz could be a wonderful software. I will also put all these links in the show notes, so make sure to go and take a look in there.

And before we close this episode, let’s recap all the steps to avoid giving in to shiny object syndrome. So step number one, save the page, the app Sumo sales page, and read through it carefully if needed. Also, go and check the sales page of the specific software. Step number two, go and check the reviews and all the questions and how the questions have been answered by the customer service. Step number three, I watch the video tutorials, whether on YouTube, on their own website, or I watch the webinar that they usually run to show behind the scenes on App Sumo. Then I sign up for a trial. So step number four is to sign up for a trial. And then if I like it, I buy it.

So this is my method to handle shiny object syndrome and to really figure out if you really need the software or you’re just giving in to fear of missing out because everyone else is talking about it. All right. That’s it for this episode. I will talk to you next week.


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