Case Studies

Avril Carpenter - Hypnotherapist

Launch of her first online course which resulted in a 639% ROI

Avril is a hypnotherapist based in New Zealand. She realized she had got fully booked and had no diversified revenue streams, so she ends up creating a waiting list for people who wanted to work with her, and at times she even had to say "no" to new clients because she simply didn't have the capacity to handle more clients.
The Challenge +

Avril was unable to take on more 1:1 clients and soon realized she was feeling overwhelmed. She then decided to add an extra revenue stream by launching an online course.
Yet, she didn't have the knowledge and the time to create it.
She didn't want to pay extra fees for a third party platform that would host her course since she wanted to run it 3-4 times a year and offer support via her private Facebook group.

How I helped her +

With my help, we identified the best solution for her needs by choosing OptimizePress, so she could host her course on her WordPress website without paying any extra monthly fees or commissions on every purchase.
I built the online course for her and took care of the branding, payment systems, email automations, in addition to creating the pages that now host her course.
In six weeks, she had all the time to promote her new online course and think about marketing her business, while I took care of putting all the content together and make the course work smoothly.

Results +

Avril launched her course and kept the doors open for seven days: in those 7, days she signed up 25 students.

What is striking here, is that she had a 639% of return on the investment she made on my tech skills.
While I took care of all the tech bits to have a smooth, streamlined and fully automated system, she invested the time she gained from outsourcing, on promoting her new course with a challenge, reach her prospects individually, and successfully managed to fill all the spaces in seven days.

Avril's words +

"I’m Avril Carpenter, a weight loss hypnotherapist. I specialise in helping women make peace food. While I’m an exceptional hypnotherapist, my IT skills are rubbish. Pre-Alessia, I was busy with face-to-face clients, but I was also frustrated because I wanted to help even more women with an online programme—but the technology held me back.
It all changed when I met Alessia! Alessia is an IT wonder woman. She speaks ‘tech’ fluently and translated it into simple, logical, understandable English. We launched the first online programme in May, and Alessia made it sooooooo easy and fun. There’s no way I could have done it without her. She’s capable and an absolute joy to work with.
In a nutshell, Alessia has given me my time back, provided another revenue stream and a way to help even more women.
Thank you!"

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Jen Hall - Business Clarity Coach

From clunky process to an efficient and streamlined online business that saves her time and money

Jen is a business clarity coach who helps her clients become sought-after experts in their fields.
She understood her systems and process were messy, making her leads and clients experience not optimal, in addition to making her lose time doing manual operations.
The Challenge +

Jen who was struggling to get her various systems to work together, meaning a clunky process, a poor client experience and causing a stunt in potential sales.
Having been in business for some time, she had accumulated different tools and resources hosted on different platforms, which resulted in more manual work than she actually had to do.

How I helped her +

I helped her create a seamless end to end process for her clients and leads so that they had a smoother experience resulting in more sales and a better professional brand perception.
Plus, I helped her create SOPs so her VA could follow the processes we had established without overlooking even the tiniest detail.

Results +

By streamlining her business and creating SOPs, I gave Jen's team back a ton of time and relieved some of the paid hours she was spending on VA’s because the manual work was removed.
Her systems are smooth and optimised, and this is affecting also the lead and customer experiences, which result in a much better brand perception.

Jen's words +

Having you on my team to help me navigate the systems and migrate content was a life saver... equally when people then started flooding into the platform a new set of challenges started to appear including making sure everyone had the appropriate access and logins - it could have been a total nightmare but knowing I had you on side made everything so much easier and completely removed the tech headache so I could concentrate on actually creating and delivering the content.

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Rachel Miller - Internal Communication specialist

Determined to offer online masterclasses to spend more time with her family, but held back by technology

Rachel is an internal communication specialist, who runs face-to-face masterclasses and training to corporate clients.

The Challenge +

She found herself taking numerous requests from countries outside the UK, so she decided to make her workshops available to companies outside the UK to save them the travel costs and be able to create a passive income for herself that would let her spend more time with her family.

However, technology was an obstacle. She was overwhelmed by the number of possibilities out there: with so much software to choose from, it was hard for her to make an informed choice.

After watching a webinar about launching online courses, she actually had more questions than before. She was confused about how to turn her live masterclass into digital content, after all, she had always delivered in-person workshops, so she wondered how she could translate all the content in easily digestible material.
Plus, she was concerned about how she would deliver it since her target is corporate clients, and how she would sell it and get paid.

How I helped her +

Together we planned out she was going to translate her face-to-face workshops into a structured online programme, keeping in mind the different learning needs and creating different formats for her students (video and audio, presentations, transcriptions, workbooks..) and we brainstormed all the possibilities to make the content easily accessible and consumable by her busy corporate clients.

We also explored the different platforms available, so she could pick the best host for her online course, paired with the most convenient payment process.

Results +

She got total clarity on the entire project end to end, so she could get going straight away with the creation of content knowing the full plan.

This meant that she could relax knowing that I would take care of the entire tech side, so we agreed on the next steps:  she would get started on the content creation, and once ready by a specific deadline, I would set the online course up, making sure all the systems work together smoothly so she can finally take time off with her family.

Rachel's words +

My name is Rachel Miller, I help Internal Communicators to succeed through consultancy and training.
Before working with Alessia, I felt overwhelmed but she has helped me navigate through the technical maze.
The work to date with Alessia has helped me make informed decisions about the technical aspects of running my business. She’s personable, approachable, knowledgeable and an expert in her field.

I recommend working with Alessia if you’re looking for clarity in your decision making. She demystifies technology for you so you can take action.

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