I’m freaking excited to have Julie here with me today!!

Julie Dennis is on a mission to take menopause mainstream.  She helps busy, professional women to cool down, calm down and break through the brain fog of menopause and works with organisations to improve the experience of women struggling with menopause symptoms in the workplace and at home.



How did you start your business? and what do you do now?

[02:53] I’m 47 now, but my menapause story started in my early thirties with a hysterectomy, so I went onto HRT very quickly after the operation and then went back to work.
So at the time, I was working in a big global mining company, and now my headline is “mining menopause”..
I went back to work, recovered from surgery and didn’t really think much about it until about 12 or 13 years later when I was made redundant and given the opportunity to do something completely different with my life.
And I thought, you know what? I don’t want to go back to working in London. Don’t particularly want to work in a corporate environment any longer. Although of course now I am again, at the time I didn’t want it to, so I decided to look at the health and wellness fields, you know, I was really interested in fitness and taking care of myself.


[03:40] So originally I qualified as a personal trainer and nutrition advisor, specifically working with women over 40, women like me who wanted to lose a bit of weight but not too much, be kind of healthy but not super healthy and just generally feel good and confident about themselves. And it was great. It was all going really well.
That was back in 2013 and then, what started happening was I was getting questions about menopause from my clients and I didn’t have the answers. I, because I was taking HRT, I assumed it was a cure for menopause and hadn’t really thought much about it, but as I went to do some research for my clients, what I realized was that HRT is a top up really. It’s holding your symptoms at bay and when you come off, its symptoms are likely to reappear anyway.


[04:26] So I decided to come over from an HRT over a period of six months or so, gradually decrease my dosage.
And Oh my God, menopause hit me like a truck.
It was awful, absolutely awful. You know, the hot flashes, the bad slave, the mood swings, the night sweats, kind of overwhelming sense that I didn’t feel like myself anymore.
Fortunately, over a period of a few months, I was able to make some changes to the way that I eat, drink, move and think. And I’m currently managing my menopause symptoms naturally. And that’s what I show other women.
How to do for women who can’t go on HRT  maybe because of their medical history or choose not to for whatever reason. But then of course, when I’m working in the workplace, what I do is talk to women about the options that they have, choices, you know, because menopause is a unique experience and you’ve got to make your own personal choices:

 How you want to manage your symptoms, whether you want to go down the natural route or medical route.
And neither is right or wrong. They’re both right, whichever one works you well is the one that’s right for you.


What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?

[10:24] I think it’s got to be consistency. Obviously, my business has changed a couple of times. I was doing personal training and weight loss and now I’ve moved into menopause.
You’ve got to be a hundred per cent consistent with your messaging.
Otherwise, people get confused about what it is that you do and you’ve got to be absolutely consistent in your promotion of your Business and sometimes you think, “Oh God, another post about what I’m doing, I must be boring everyone else to death”, but actually most of them aren’t seeing what you’re doing, you know, so much in the age of digital media, everything flies by so fast.
People are missing a lot of the great content that you’re sharing. So be consistent and be out there every day and be loud and proud about what you’re doing and your achievements.


How does the next level look for you?

[13:12] I’m very much focusing on working with organizations. So the next thing I’m looking at in my business it’s almost like an agency model where I’m working with so many different organizations that have got a kind of an “army of menopause warriors” working on my behalf, going out to help deliver the content and support the women in the organizations.

[13:34] So it’s not just about me going out and doing all the work. I’ve got a team who are helping me to do that.
Other menopause experts.
I’m already making contacts with people in who were working in my field, you know, there aren’t many of us doing it, but I’m networking with them and supporting them and checking out what they’re doing, seeing if their messaging is aligned with mine and drawing up a potential list of people that I could work with in the future.


What’s your favourite resource or book?

[15:02] The first one is a podcast. I really enjoy listening to is Smart Leaders Sell by Jessica Lorimer.
It’s really useful. She does expert interviews and gives out so much information about how to get you sales right, whether you’re on a discovery call or when you’re building a funnel, when you’re approaching organizations..etc
And they are about 25 – 30 minutes long. So that’s a podcast that I would really recommend and the book is probably going to be The Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters.
It came up quite a few years ago now. But it was my first introduction into how what’s going on up here (in your brain) can stop you from progressing in your business and your monkey mind all the time is going, “Oh God, don’t do that. That’s really frightening. That’s really scary. You know, don’t post that. Suppose people don’t like it, you know, you’re gonna, you know, it’s going to make me really unpopular” and how learning to keep that monkey mind quiet so that you can continue to move forward in business and in life as well.



Find Julie here: https://juliedennis.net/

Smart Leaders Sell Society http://smartleaderssell.libsyn.com/

The Chimp Paradox https://amzn.to/2I1Wnp5

Jessica’s membership (www)DOT (under “work with me”) https://jess142.typeform.com/to/C1ITpx



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