3 Reasons Why You Really Need to Stop Using MailChimp

When you started your business, you've most likely been told to use Mailchimp as your email marketing provider.I was, too. But as the time went by, my business evolved and grew, and I wanted to add a welcome sequence after my subscribers would download my...

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4 Amazing things you didn’t know about Acuity Scheduler

As an online coach, you absolutely need to have a booking system in place to allow your clients to book discovery calls and sessions with you. Think about the time you waste in the back and forth of emails when you try to find a time that suits everyone… “No, this day...

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Case Study- Launch you Online Course and Get a 639- ROI

Avril is a hypnotherapist based in New Zealand. She realized she had got fully booked and had no diversified revenue streams, so she ends up creating a waiting list for people who wanted to work with her, and at times she even had to say "no" to new clients because...

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3 Ways Tech Challenges Make You Miss Out on Sales

Some hard times selling online, especially if you want to save on merchants' commissions and want to sell directly from your website. So, what happens? If you don't have a great payment system in place, you seriously risk to miss out on sales. What about...

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Business Chat with Julie Dennis

I'm freaking excited to have Julie here with me today!! Julie Dennis is on a mission to take menopause mainstream.  She helps busy, professional women to cool down, calm down and break through the brain fog of menopause and works with organisations to...

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