Behind the Scenes: Why I Moved to Active Campaign

Episode – 012- Behind the Scenes: Why I Moved to Active Campaign

A question I get often is: how do I know when it is time to upgrade my tech tools? It’s a common question and I wanted to share with you why I decided to switch from MailerLite – which I had been using for years – to Active Campaign.

This is a highly personal episode, where I share what was behind my choice and the reasons that led me there.

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Full transcription

Hello and welcome to Episode 12 of the Online Business Tech Hub, this is Alessia your host, tech expert for online coaches and consultants. And in this episode, I want to share with you the reasons why I moved to Active Campaign from MailerLite.

Now, all these past episodes, they’ve been about newsletter platforms and e-mail marketing. And I felt like it was time that I shared something a bit more personal, in a way, something behind the scenes. Because one question that I get very often is when do I know when it’s time to upgrade my tools, my systems, my technology?

So this is a really common question, especially when you have been in business for a while and you’re growing. I wanted to share with you my own personal reasons for making the switch from one or the other because if you’ve been listening to the previous episode, you know that I really like both Active Campaign and MailerLite. They’re both very different and I hope I was able to convey the reasons why they are so different and when it’s the right time for you to use one or the other.

But I thought that it could be helpful to share my own personal experience with both. Now, what is important to know is that before I made the switch to Active Campaign last year, I had been with MailerLite for years. I have always liked MailerLite. I had been with them for a really long time. But when I was about to actually host my first more serious webinar, I suddenly realized that MailerLite wasn’t the right software for me anymore because I was getting a lot more serious with email marketing and I found it a bit limiting now, not as limiting as MailChimp I think MailerLite.

MailerLite is one of the best software out there, but I felt like I couldn’t do everything I wanted because I actually needed quite a bit of pieces of information from this webinar. I wanted insights on the attendees and I felt like I couldn’t do that with MailerLite. Right now, my personal reasons for switching to Active Campaign from MailerLite have been mainly two. On one side I wanted a lot more flexibility with the automation and what I really enjoy about Active Campaign is that you get ready-made templates for different situations, for different requirements.

So, for example, with Active Campaign, you can set an automation called a re-engagement campaign so you can set up different conditions so that this automation would start on autopilot every time, for example, there is an inactive contact. So a contact that doesn’t open my emails for, I don’t know, six months, three months and you can do that on autopilot with Active Campaign. Additionally, there are ready-made templates. And I really wanted to get started with these re-engagement campaigns regularly because they are really important. And I felt like I couldn’t really do it the way I wanted with MailerLite.

Where Active Campaign offers, for example, templates for social sharing, social media incentives. So every time I invite a subscriber to share about an event or latest podcast episode or anything on social media, I can trigger an automation to offer, for example, an award to the subscriber. And everything is automated. Everything runs on autopilot because the automation triggers. So the starting point of the automation is a lot more.

So Active Campaign offers you a lot of different and flexible automation triggers compared to MailerLite and I needed that. I needed that flexibility to create an automation and start it whenever the specific conditions would be met. And MailerLite just wasn’t giving me that flexibility.

Another main reason why I moved away from MailerLite is that I wanted a different way to manage my e-mail subscribers. MailerLite offers you lists and segments. Well, the lists are actually called groups in MailerLite and segments. So if you have listened to previous episodes, especially Episode 10 about the newsletter jargon, you know that segmentation is a dynamic way to manage your subscribers.

And MailerLite does it extremely well, but their segmentation feature is a bit limited. I wanted to implement tags and implementing tags, so these labels, to get specific pieces of information about subscribers, MailerLite is rather limited. I mean, they don’t really have tags. You can’t really have tags in MailerLite. And I needed a different way to manage my subscribers based on behavior. I wanted to add the tag to have a specific piece of information, for example, the attendees, the attendance to a webinar or an event, or the contacts that downloaded the specific freebie or contact that open the specific email in a way, you can’t do that with MailerLite.

That was fairly limiting for me for what I needed. I felt it was time to actually upgrade and switch to something that gave me a lot of flexibility.

Now, one thing that I learned is that flexibility oftentimes, is a positive thing, but very, very often, if you’re not very tech skilled, it can be a big problem because having a lot of flexibility and possibilities means that if you are unclear on what you want to do and what you actually need, it can become really challenging and frustrating.

Think about it when you have too many options and you don’t know what you want nor what you need. You end up stuck there because you don’t know what to do. And this is exactly the same thing. I knew exactly what I needed and what I wanted, and I knew that MailerLite wasn’t anymore the software for me and that’s why I moved then to Active Campaign. OK, but please don’t get yourself tempted to upgrade to a software you’re not yet ready for just because it offers all this flexibility.

As long as you know what you need and what you want, then you are absolutely welcome to upgrade your systems if that’s what you actually need.

So to sum it up, I was looking for more flexibility. I was looking for more options. I had been with MailerLite for many, many years. I was still really happy with them. But their way of managing subscribers and the automation was a bit limiting for what I was looking for. So I felt it was time to upgrade from them.

Now, unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to explain when it’s the right time to upgrade your technology. So that’s why I wanted to share my own experience with you. So hopefully you got a better idea of the differences between Active Campaign and MailerLite.

They’re both excellent software. As I said, I really love them both, but they are, I think, suitable for different stages. And another thing I want to share with you is that, yes, Active Campaign gives you a lot more flexibility. But if you don’t know what you need and what you want, all this flexibility can actually turn into a massive headache.

So think about the situation. When you’re given a lot of different options, but you actually don’t know what you want and what you need and then you just end up stuck there. So Active Campaign is an excellent, amazing software. I love it. If you are considering it, please keep in mind that you’ve got to be aware of what you want precisely of what you want and what you need and what you expect from a platform to do. Otherwise, you risk switching to a platform that is too advanced for you. And, you know, you just wasted a lot of time and possibly even a lot of money doing something, moving to a platform that isn’t the right fit for you.

So make sure when you start noticing that the platform, any platform is starting to feel a bit limiting. Make sure you understand those limits exactly. Be able to describe those limits so you know what to look for in the other platform you will move to. OK, so that’s it for today.

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