Are you an ambitious female entrepreneur?
Do you want to grow your online business but you feel like you have to wear all the hats in your business? Then this video is for you: I’m going to introduce you to a simple yet fantastic tool that can help you automate and scale your business, without feeling under pressure.




For those of you who have never seen me – I’m Alessia, Tech Expert and Online business strategist. I help female entrepreneurs scale their online businesses by building systems that work without them.
I’m all for automation and running a streamlined business so my clients can focus on what they really love doing.

I’m going to talk about one simple tool you can use to automate bits of your business, whether your tasks are related to admin stuff, social media, emails, online course or other –  for free, or for a little price.

If you are someone who’s looking for simple ways to do more of what you love and less admin or repetitive stuff, this is the right video for you.


Zapier – What is it

It’s a web automation app: it means that you can automate parts of your business, making two or more tools, apps, software, talk to each other.
It’s quite easy to use, and it offers A LOT of functionalities.
The best thing is that you don’t need to code anything: when you log in Zapier, you can look for apps/software and check out the most popular zaps (as they call them) or you can create your own.
Zaps are workflows between apps.


– No need to code,

– Automate repetitive tasks so you focus on the most important work,

– It’s fast – speed up common business tasks,

– Consistency: we aren’t perfect. we forget things, make mistakes and generally just mess up occasionally,

– Computers are a lot better at performing simple business tasks reliably.


Use Zapier for (some examples):

– Connect your social media planner in Spreadsheets / Trello to Buffer to automate the schedule on social media,

– Save your attachments from clients’ emails,

– Add a PayPal buyer to your email list,

– Automatically add survey answers to a spreadsheet,

– Add attachments to your project management tool,

– Post reminders of special events on social media from your google calendar,

– List people who retweet your content into a spreadsheet.


Summing up

Zaps are workflows that make your business processes faster and more consistent.
Setting up a 2 steps zap is free for up to 5 zaps, then there are premium apps like PayPal, and for those, you need to pay some 20dollars a month, but the ease of mind you get from using Zapier makes it really worth it.

With Zapier the possibilities are endless and all you need to do is take a look at those repetitive tasks you do frequently, that make you lose quite a bit of time.
You can keep a diary or use Toggl to track your time, and see what tasks are repetitive and you can automate.


Alessia is a Tech Expert and rescues online coaches from tech disasters so they can easily grow, scale and automate their businesses.
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