Are you feeling like you need to wear all the hats in your business? Like you need to be the CEO, the secretary, accountant and so on?

I don’t really enjoy doing admin stuff, like most of the people out there: I got really fed up with chasing people for payments, sending agreement and chasing if one hadn’t been signed, and so on. And the reason why I got frustrated with that, was that my business was growing, and I wanted to spend more time with my clients, rather than doing admin stuff.
This is when I figure out a system that is helping me to deal with the very first step of working with a new client.

I figured that I could set up once, one simple system to handle the calendar booking, reminders for calls, invoices and agreements and since then, I’ve never looked back.

The reason why I believe you should automate your onboarding process is that it makes your life much easier.

1) It saves time: once you set it up, you can forget about it, and tweak it when necessary. Every time a prospect connects with you, she goes through the same system: filling a form, booking a call, getting a reminder of the call, signing the agreement, paying the invoice.
without an automated system, you have to do all of this manually. for every single new prospect. and not everyone is going to sign up to work with you, so many times, when you do all this manually and the prospect doesn’t sign up, well, you kind of lost time.

2) You’re more organized: when you have a streamlined system, you keep all the information in one single place, so you don’t need to look for questionnaires, forms, etc everywhere: if you use a tool like Dubsado or 17Hats, every client has her own section and you store all the details there. More organization, less time lost looking for stuff everywhere, because you’ll know exactly where to look for those.

3) You can potentially store all the admin bits in one single platform: imagine that you have all your contacts, agreement, invoices in one place: wouldn’t that make your life easier? All of the client onboarding tools integrate with the most common invoicing tools: whether you use Wave, Quickbooks, Xero or something else, you can connect the apps together and make them talk to each other, so not only you store the clients’ details and info in one place, but you also have all your invoices and payments story in one place.

4) Everything is automated: haven’t I stressed on this enough? 🙂 I absolutely love that once the system is up and running, it goes on autopilot. Setting the right workflows makes your prospect journey pleasant and smooth, and your life easier, because this is a smart automation, one that saves you HOURS you could be spending with your clients or family.

So, to summarize: instead of wearing all the hats and feeling overwhelmed, you can organize your clients’ database in a simple, effective and automated way by having an onboarding system in place. It’s one of those smart automation because it literally saves you hours of time and keeps yourself organized and in control, even if you aren’t much of a system person.

Having an onboarding system gives you peace of mind because you can forget about all the boring admin bits, and you can spend your time wisely, knowing that there is an automated system that has your back and makes you prospect feel at ease.

If you’re tired of feeling disorganized and you would rather spend time with your clients, instead of handling admin stuff, just book a call with me: we’ll jump on a totally free call and we’ll discuss how to simplify and optimize your onboarding process.