Have you ever lost time arranging a meeting via email?
What time does it work for you?” “No, can’t do. What about next Monday?” and so on.
After 6 emails, maybe you’ve found the right time and day.
Time lost: between 30min and one day (if you or the other person doesn’t check often the emails).
When you coach online, it may be harder to really connect with your prospects. There is a lot of noise online, isn’t it?
So you definitely want to make a great impression and look professional and organised when prospects and clients get in touch with you.
Having a call booking system is one of the key element to make this happen.
If you don’t have one, you not only lose time with the endless back and forth of emails trying to find the right time to hop on the phone, but you also risk to lose money, since it gets so complicated to book a call with you.
And you obviously don’t want this.

You want to make it suuuper easy for your ideal clients to book a call with you.


Imagine this: you want to book a discovery session with a coach but the only way to do so, is to send an email via her website’s contact form.
  • After one or two days you get an answer with a bunch of dates, but none match your availability.
  • Maybe you’re even in different time zones, so you need to convert those slots.
  • After some back and forth, you finally find a date.
  • Then you get another email with a questionnaire to fill in that you have to send back.
  • Then, when the time for the call comes, you have to look for the contact details of the coach.
Not only this is a messy process, but it’s also unprofessional and risky (getting on the phone with an unknown person can be hard, and you want to make sure it’s an easy and stress-free process for your prospects).
There is a solution, and it is to use a booking system for your calls, like Acuity.
I highlighted 4 main reasons that honestly, are life-changing.

1) It saves you lots of time and avoids the back and forth of emails.
I have already mentioned it many times: people can book a call with you in literally one minute and everything else is automated. You just set your availability and the rest is taken care of (automatically!).

2) You never miss a call because you can set up automated reminders to go out before the call.
I personally send a reminder 24 hours and 2 hours before the call, and I also remind that we’re going to talk via Zoom and provide the link.
Again, I’m making it super easy for my prospects/clients and reduce the no-shows.

3)You can pre-qualify prospects by creating a form and storing your clients/prospects info on one platform only.
Instead of manually sending an email and ask the prospects to fill in the form, you can prepare it and have it filled at the same time a person books a call with you.
Again, easy peasy for your prospects (stress-free) and for you: no more manual sending and 2-3 different tools for your onboarding process.
4) You have a clear calendar in sync with your events, meetings, calls, gym sessions etc: no more overlapping meetings, or rescheduling that personal training session just because you got a client call booked in!
Bonus: most paid scheduling tools integrate directly with Google Calendars and similar, so if you’re a fan of digital calendars, it’s the best solution for you!


I know this sounds super amazing (because it is!!), but if tech isn’t really your jam, I can already see a question mark popping up on your face: how on earth do I set it up?
That’s the reason why I’m hosting a FREE workshop on November 28:
What’s in it?
Clarity on the only 4 tools you really can’t live without as an online coach.
Control over the tech overwhelm (because I’m showing you how these tools work!)
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