If you’re anything like me, you get excited every time the end of the year is approaching.

What planner can I use, next year? And should I change my webcam? And I’ve wanted a standing desk for a while…

I honestly get really thrilled every single year. Ok, I admit it, I actually get excited in September, too. I’ve never gone past the excitement for the “new beginnings”, meant as school (yes, I liked going to school, but mostly I LOVED buying all the new materials, diaries, notebooks and stationary 😀 )

So I thought to share with you all the amazing tools and resources I’ve been using and that I believe are the best ones to grow your online business.

Please note: I’m a proud affiliate of some of these tools and resources, so I’m only sharing with you stuff I’ve actually tested myself, and if you purchase something, I will get a little commission – it doesn’t cost you anything extra, and the commission I get, goes to support this beautiful project in Rio de Janeiro.

Let’s get started:

37 must have resources for your online business is an inclusive list of tools, books, software, courses and much more.


Captivate: a quick, actionable book that helps you with simple strategies to get along with people. No, as an introvert I can say that nothing of the methods are icky or faking being an introvert!

She Means Business: nice and inspiring book, very useful when you’re starting out, but also a dose of positivity and inspiration once you’ve been in business longer.

Help First: scalable ideas and methods to help you understand that selling is actually helping. If selling repels you, this is a great book to start reframing this idea.

Expert Unrivalled: Jen has been my coach and my client, too. Honestly, she is absolutely brilliant and her book helps you find the clarity you need in your business. She is the Business Clarity Queen!

Smart Leaders Sell: Another seriously epic book about sales! Jessica shares simple, actionable, non-sleazy sales strategies, and most importantly? They do work. This book will seriously make you feel better about selling!

12 week year: How are you planning your year? Did you know that planning your year in blocks of 90 days/12 weeks helps you improve your efficiency and impact?

Braving the wilderness: simply put, one of the strongest, most inspiring, motivating, books ever. I think everything has been told about this book, it’s honestly a must-read.

One hour content plan: If you’ve ever struggled to come up with the right content ideas, this is the book for you. Meera’s methods are easy to implement and quick.

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Create Planner: a must-have business planner that helps you review your business vision, marketing and offers, and make the changes you need. Meera’s content is honestly amazeballs. I buy anything she sells 🙂

Create content planner: A blog and content planner that helps you map out, plan and review anything you want to publish online: whether you’re all about email marketing, blogging or social media, this is the planner for you.

Inspire now journal: I’ve tested maaaany different planners, and this one is honestly the only one I kept coming back over and over, I kept using it and recommend it because is the only planner that keeps me on track and stick to the goals I set for myself.


Email list simplified: Before I took this course, I seriously struggled with email marketing. No, I’m not talking about the tech side, but about the type of content I could send, for example. I didn’t know how to be strategic about my email marketing. Again, Meera’s stuff is epic, actionable, easy to understand, and she’s soooo supportive!

Pinterest playbook: Cathy is my go-to person for anything related to Pinterest. Her course is clear and it comes with short video tutorials and PDFs, so whatever your learning style, she got you covered.

Make me IG famous: Sam’s course is simply the best one I’ve come across in a long time. She has a no BS approach, quick videos straight to the point and an amazing community.

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Paid communities

Dotties: I’ve been in the Dotties for two whole years now, and it’s the best place to be: supportive, motivating, inspiring. A place where you can share your experiences and ask for support without hiding behind the curtain of “I don’t want people to think I’m weak”. This is my go-to community whenever I want honest feedback, or when I need a friend who can really understand the online market.

Brilliant Business Academy: a membership I joined recently, which is focused all around making your marketing easy. I really love the community and the videos and workbooks you get are very thorough, informative and most importantly, actionable. I’m really pleased I join!

Rock the Tech: Well, I couldn’t leave out my own tech support membership, right? Tech made easy for the busy female entrepreneur who’s fed up to get frustrated with tech.


Blue Yeti microphone: simply the best microphone you can get – a must have if you’re recording podcasts, or do a lot of videos!

Logitech webcam: this webcam is truly excellent, I personally use it on my desktop and it works wonders: the resolution is excellent and it has a high quality integrated microphone, too.

Logitech Mouse – Trackball: I spend a lot of time at my computer and usual mouse or trackpad just doesn’t work for me. This mouse here saves you from the wrist pain!

Thermos: don’t forget to stay hydrated, it’s easy to forget about drinking when you’re in the flow! Whether you are a tea, coffee or water person, this thermos keeps the right temperature for a loong time.

Standing desk: Lastly, the latest addition I got to my furniture. I couldn’t do without it, now. It’ comfortable and I love that you set the height depending on what support you’re using. Really a must have!

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Plutio: all in one tool for proposals, agreement, invoices and project management. Still haven’t used it intensely, but it looks amazeballs!

OptimizePress: a fantastic builder plugin for WordPress to build your website, landing/sales pages or even online courses and membership sites. Love it! They have an excellent customer service, too!

GoCardless: my n1 payment system, if you’re in Europe and your clients are there, too. They have the lowest commissions (1% capped at 2 pounds). Super easy to create payment links and payment plans, too. A great alternative to PayPal.

Stripe: If you can’t use GoCardless, Stripe is the payment system for you. Lower rates than PayPal, excellent customer service. To be used with a third party app to get paid easily like Woocommerce or Quickbooks.

Active Campaign/ MailerLite: two of my favourite email marketing providers. Both intuitive and easy to use, they have a similar structure in terms of the email automations. AC is just the perfect tool if you want to upgrade your email marketing game, MailerLite is excellent to start with.

Zoom: absolutely the best video conference tool. There are both free and paid plans, and I love that you can record your calls and they get automatically stored in the cloud, so you can share them in one click. Really useful to choose what to record: audio, video, or both.

Siteground: The BEST hosting platform ever. The customer service is great, quick and super useful. They have a live chat, so say bye-bye to endless phone calls conversations.

Acuity: my favourite call scheduling system. Already the free plan offers you so many features and it makes it super easy and stress-free for your clients to book a call with you.

Tailwind: the number 1 tool to schedule Pinterest, they’ve recently introduced a loop pin scheduler, so you prepare your content once and it gets sent out on a loop. Let’s not forget about Tribes, an extra source of traffic, and great insights (you get a month for free if you use my link 😉 ).

HelloSign: make it super easy for your clients to sign proposals and agreements.

Zapier: make your apps and tools talk to each other in one click. Do you want to add a new Asana project when your invoice has been paid? Done. DO you want to automatically store all your sales on a google spreadsheet? Done. A must-have!

YoastSEO: super easy and free WordPress plugin to rock your SEO and make your content easily findable.

Canned response: a Gmail extension that lets you create templates you can reuse over and over to answer your emails. Perfect if you get often the same type of email from many people, so you don’t need to type a new message all the times.

PDFescape: An amazing free tool that turns your PDF into clickable and lets you add multiple links to your PDF. A life-saver!!

LastPass: My best friend. The ONE I couldn’t live without because it helps me keep up with all my passwords (and my clients’ too), so I don’t need to remember them, ever. I simply click and all the forms auto-populate with the right login details.

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