You’ve worked so hard to put together your product or service.
Now it’s time to sell it, right? The problem is that if you are a tech-challenged business owner, you may have some hard times selling online, especially if you want to save on merchants’ commissions and want to sell directly from your website.

So, what happens?

If you don’t have a great payment system in place, you seriously risk to miss out on sales. What about that plan of implementing passive incomes, if your payment system fails to work properly?!?

So, here are 3 main tech-related situation that can seriously worsen your sales online:

N1: Having a clunky and long payment system

Do the buyers need to click over and over to finally be able to pay? And do they need to fill plenty of forms with their mailing details, even though they’re buying a digital product/online session?

RED FLAG! A one-click payment system makes it much easier and pleasant for your buyers!
You don’t need to ask for your buyers’ address if you all you really need is an email address! Don’t make them get bored by giving you details you really don’t need!
And remember, you need to make buying easy!

N2: Taking the payment via your website, and not having an SSL certificate.

Have you ever noticed that all social media, payment pages and even just regular websites, have this before their URLs?

That is an SSL certificate.
If you want to take payments directly from your website, YOU MUST have a certificate in place. It’s a safety encrypted connection, kind of “sealing a letter in an envelope before sending it through the mail.”This is also valid for any website where you might need to type login details, but it’s even more important when a payment is being processed: always make sure the payment page has the HTTPS before the URL!

I personally do not buy ANYTHING if I notice that there is no SSL certificate, and you shouldn’t too!

N3: An unclear, messy or incomplete sales page.

I’m not a fan of long sales pages, yet as a buyer, I want to know exactly what it’s in for me. Besides talking about the benefits of your product/service, is there a way you can SHOW your buyers?

If you sell a product, having a quick video actually showing what is all about, can make a difference!And what about having only ONE payment button in the whole sales page? Then the buyers are forced to go and look for a way to pay, whereas you want to make it as easy as possible, so don’t forget to add multiple “buy now” buttons!

These are just three ideas to give you some food for thoughts, although I do know that if tech isn’t really your cup of tea, you might have a hard time making these changes to give your buyers a positive experience (and make them trust you!!).

Honestly, wouldn’t it be better to work on marketing your product/service, than wasting time sorting out a payment system?

If that’s your case, the best thing you can do is getting in touch with me: I can help you set up a smooth, reliable and simple payment system that will make buying from you super easy, so you can REALLY start to enjoy the passive income life without worrying about tech.
Just click here and let’s talk!