You’re an online coach and you’re thriving in your business. You’re getting more and more clients and you’re realizing that you can’t wear all your hats anymore. Time isn’t enough to deal with those tech and admin bits that week in and week out turn into huge time-suckers.
Prepare a new landing page. A new opt-in. Launch a challenge and then your new program.
Tell me the truth: aren’t you a bit tired of managing everything? Especially is tech isn’t really your jam…

The thing is I’m seeing more and more often 3 tech related mistakes very many online coaches do, and this three “little” things, easily turn into a waste of time AND money.

Mistake n1: Not having an organized client onboarding system, ideally automated. 

If you are a coach, you definitely have an agreement in place with your 1:1 clients, possibly even a separate terms and conditions and a privacy policy.
How do you collect and store these documents? Are they all scattered around on your computer and google drive?

Mistake n2: Not knowing which data are worth considering, or, even worse, not checking stats data AT ALL. 

How are the open rates of your email list? And the click-through? But besides that: how many unconfirmed, bounced and inactive subscribers do you have in your list?
And what is your n1 traffic source?

Mistake n3: Investing in tools they actually don’t need.

Whether is the latest AppSumo deal, or a new tool you just discovered, are you a victim of the shiny object syndrome? Or, are you picking a new tool just because someone told you is a good one?
Don’t get me wrong: I’m always up for testing new tools, BUT when if you really want to switch or start using a new tool, have you ever asked yourself the question: do I really need this? And: Am I already using something that I like, that could have the same use?

See, by solving these three problems you can save both time and money.
I’m a fan of simple systems, and I believe that you don’t need fancy and expensive software to have an organized and automated online business.
So ultimately, my message for you is that you, as a coach who loves serving her clients, really don’t need ALL the things: better reducing the clutter and simplifying. This way you not only have a simpler business, but your life gets easier and you save time and money.

If you feel like chatting, I’m always available to jump on a free call and support you on your journey to a thriving business, beyond the tech obstacles.
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