Are you a one-woman business who mostly works online?
And how much time do you waste every single week doing little bits of admin?

Like syncing your calendar, downloading and uploading attachments, manually importing new contacts or leads, and so on.
Personally? I’m a one-woman show, so at some point needed to optimize and streamline my tasks because I wanted to focus on my clients and on marketing myself: I was really fed up with these tiny bits that honestly were just a huge time sucker.

If you like me, is passionate about helping clients succeed, I don’t believe you enjoy losing time and money on these admin and tech bit.
Wait…did I say money? Yes, I did.
Why? Because let’s say that one hour of your time is worth 250euro, and every month you spend 1-3 hours on these admin/tech stuff that could be easily automated….well, the time you invest on these little things could be used to meeting your clients. Or doing anything that brings money in.

Now, it’s time to get to the point: Zapier.
It’s a simple tool that makes it super easy to connect different apps together and make them talk to each other.
The reason why it’s so great, it’s because it doesn’t involve ANY coding at all: I’m great at tech stuff, but honestly, coding is something I really don’t understand.
The second reason why I love it, it’s because automation wins back hours in the day.

Now, the way it works is very straightforward: you can choose one or two apps or software, and see what “recipes“ are ready there to use, or you can create your own.
Zapier is free for up to 5 single zaps, but they do have premium apps like PayPal, for more than five zaps, and to have multi-steps one, you need the premium account.
I personally have a free one and it works wonderfully.

And what are the three ridiculously Zaps that can save a ton of your time?

Here they are:

Add clients and discovery calls recorded in Acuity to your Google Calendar, and vice versa: so any time you add an entry to your Google calendar and Acuity, they both sync and avoid overlapping meetings. (This is PERFECT if you use Acuity’s free plan!)

Load attachments you get via emails to a designated Google folder, so you have all the documents together. Absolutely fantastic for storing in the same folder all your agreements and important documents you share with your clients.

Create a new Asana task from starred emails (in Gmail): if you use Asana as your project management system, then you’ll love this zap. Basically, by starring an email in your inbox, you can automatically create a task in Asana. This is one of my fave zaps ever!

Now, here I mentioned only 3 super simple zaps that can save you time every month: of course, with Zapier the possibilities are almost endless. I shared with you the three ones I prefer and that I’ve seen have had a positive impact on my clients’ and my business, but don’t forget to play around with Zapier and see what makes sense FOR YOUR BUSINESS.

And If you feel like chatting, I’m always available to jump on a free call and support you on your journey to a thriving business, beyond the tech obstacles. Book your free call here.

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