When you started your business, you’ve most likely been told to use Mailchimp as your email marketing provider.
I was, too. 
But as the time went by, my business evolved and grew, and I wanted to add a welcome sequence after my subscribers would download my freebie.
That’s when it all started.

I’m not going to hide it: I personally hate MailChimp and I’ll soon tell you why.
It’s probably the most popular free email marketing tool around, but it doesn’t mean you should use it, too. 

Curious about why you shouldn’t use Mailchimp? Here are three reasons for you.

Reason N1

It charges you for double subscribers.
If you have the same contact in two lists, they will charge you for two subscribers

I really don’t know of any other email marketing platform that does this, AND I don’t believe there is no system whatsoever to scan all the lists and make sure they only count one subscriber.
From Mailchimp, they advise you to keep all your subscribers in only one list, but in my opinion, it isn’t a good idea: let’s move to the reason N2 to find out why.

Reason N2

It has a very clunky system for email automations.
You may know that I always advise to have one list for every freebie you have and to assign a tag to know what you’re subscribers downloaded.
At the end of the welcome sequence, I also advise my clients to move the contacts from the freebie list to a master list, which is the list you send your regular newsletters to.

Having this system makes it much easier and clear for you to manage your lists, and avoids sending regular newsletters to the subscribers that are going through the welcome sequence.

Guess what? MailChimp DOES not allow you to move the subscribers from one list to another automatically: you need to do it manually, risking to remove subscribers who haven’t yet managed to go through the whole welcome sequence (meaning they don’t get all your valuable content plus you CTA to book a call with you/buy something!)

Reason N3

The form builder isn’t really user-friendly and appealing.
I can’t say ActiveCampaign’s forms (my fave tool) are beautiful, but at least you have a bit more room to customize pretty much every single part of it, including the background and all the elements.

On the other hand, Mailchimp does offer landing pages but I have to say that they are easily recognizable, so it doesn’t offer the same customization that LeadPages (or a builder like Thrive Themes) gives.

All Mailchimp’s forms and landing pages look pretty much the same and if you pay a bit more attention, you can spot them in one second.

In a nutshell, the things I listed above are extremely important when you want to have a smooth funnel in place: you simply cannot use such a simple tool like MailChimp.
If you’re ready to scale and automate your business, you need to be ready to invest in the right tools.

Hear me out: I said the right tools, not the most expensive.
I do not believe that the most expensive tools are the best, on the contrary: some of the best tools I’ve used both for myself and my clients, are actually reasonably priced (or even free, like MailerLite, my second-favourite email marketing tool)

If you’re ready to step up your game and reach more clients with passive incomes or you want to use email marketing more strategically,
I can help you with my totally customized and done-for-you support.

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