I know well the overwhelm of “wearing all the hats” when you are a one-woman business. Even worse when your business is online, and it feels like you need to be everywhere, or that the tech to make your business work is overcomplicated.
That’s a good time to start considering the idea of outsourcing some bits of your business, although yes, it is scary.
How do you know when it’s the right time? And will the person I work with be committed to my success?
A lot of questions keeping you awake, because, let’s admit it, you’re fully booked and don’t have time to deal with email funnels, online courses and setting up payments for your latest program.
You don’t really enjoy that tech stuff, and they are just a headache and a time-sucker.
So, to help you identify if the time is right, here I’m sharing three questions you should really ask yourself before hiring a team member, especially a tech expert.
1) Am I ready to invest?
This is probably the most important: are you ready and committed to seeing your business growing? If so, you must be aware that it involves costs. Not only for the expertise of your team member, but you may need to switch or upgrade tools, which obviously bring in additional costs. Ultimately? If you want to grow and scale your business, investing in it, it’s the only way to go.
2) What is my long-term goal?
Understanding where you want to be in one year time helps you identify where you should focus on. By reverse-engineering and doing some research, you can understand what’s the next step, or at least get an idea.
During the kickstart call with my new clients, we always set a clear goal, and decide together how we are going to get there: whether is with a passive income product, a live program, or a new smooth booking and payment system, we, together, work on the best options the clients have to achieve their long-term goals.
3) What is my time worth?
If you’re still fiddling with the idea, you can ask yourself how much one hour of your time is worth. If you charge 250 euro for a session, how much money are you losing every month by dealing yourself with tech stuff? Regardless of the fact you enjoy or despise tech: how many hours could you win, on a monthly basis, if you would have a reliable tech expert on your side?


My success is my clients’ success,
that’s why I only have a limited number of spaces for the upcoming months: whether you want to free up your time and enjoy the freedom a passive income gives, or host a virtual summit, or renew your sales funnel,
I am here to help you succeed beyond the tech obstacles.