Ever felt overwhelmed because there are so many tools out there and you don’t know what to choose?

Let’s take a scheduling tool: do you need a paid one, or should you start with the free plan?

And anyway, how is Hootsuite different from Buffer and MeetEdgar????

I know, I get it there are a lot of options out there and it can feel confusing, especially if you aren’t really a tech person.

Not only you need to choose the tool, but you need to set it up, and obviously figure out how to use it: aaand three hours later you’re still there trying to sort it out.



Well, fret not. I’m known not only to be a tech expert, but also to keep things simple and organized, so here for you three simple tools I believe every online coach should use to streamline her business:

1) A booking system like Acuity Calendar: easy for the basic function, and for a decent price it gives you plenty of extra features like payment integrations and email reminders/follow up. Plus, if you’re a coach and you need your clients to agree to your terms and conditions, the paid plan lets you add that too in one simple click.

And it looks brilliant, if you ask me:



2) A cloud storage: I’m personally a fan of Google Drive, but
Dropbox is a good option too.

As an online business owner, you may need to access documents on the go, so what’s best than having a storage you can access from anywhere, best if you can access even offline?
A good option is Evernote, too.



3) A project management system, like Asana.

As an extremely organized and logical person, using Asana for me it’s a life-saver: I use it with my clients too and I can’t yet find one client who wasn’t excited about its features:

-Do you need to create a system your team can access any time? Done.

-Do you need to map out a launch or the agenda of a meeting in a clear way with the option of adding attachments without messing up? Done.

-Do you need a tool where to store, plan and organize your content? Done.

Honestly, I love it, would you’ve guessed that?

So, as you can see you don’t need #AllTheThings to run an organized online business, I like keeping things as easy as possible, and these three tools are a good starting point.

Of course, if you and tech/organization are like two parallel lines, you can always count on me and book a free call: together we’ll define simple systems that work for you and your business, and help you have a streamlined business that makes you feel organized, on top of your game and unstoppable.

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 You don't need #AllTheThings when you have an online coaching business. You can start by using three simple but extremely useful tools to simplify your online business.


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