Alessia Pandolfi

Tech Expert and Online Business Strategist


Are you an online coach who’s struggling with tech?


Do you want to grow, scale and automate your business?


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What I do

 If you are an ambitious female entrepreneur, I can help you make peace with tech with the ultimate goal to scale your online business.

Tech can be hard, overwhelming and confusing BUT if you run an online business, you NEED to befriend tech.
You don’t need to do it on your own though: I can be on your side as Tech Wonder Woman (a client of mine seriously called me that!) and help you succeeding beyond tech.

What I can do for you, is to help you run your businesses smoothly and effortlessly, by taking care of the “behind the scene” bits (the backend of an online business): I make sure that not only you’re visible, but that your prospects, subscribers and clients have the best possible experience.

Ultimately? You focus on your zone of genius, forget about tech, feel unstoppable and on top of your game.

My mission? To help amazing women entrepreneurs like you have a stress-free tech experience while growing your online business.

How I Helped other Coaches

Alessia helped me with my first virtual conference and it’s thanks to her that it went so smoothly.

She is a genius at taking the fuss out of organisation and technology and making it happen for you. I couldn’t have delivered such an enjoyable and successful conference without her help.


Helen Packham

Alessia helped me out of a muddle with WordPress!

She is a whizz on WordPress and would highly recommend her.

In the space of 20 minutes she’d got to the bottom of my opt-in issue & had helped me set up a new sales funnel.


Defining You

Alessia is an IT wonder woman.

We launched the first online course in May, and Alessia made it so easy and fun.

There’s no way I could have done it without her. She’s capable and an absolute joy to work with.

Avril Carpenter

Weight loss hypnotherapist

Work with Me

Done For You

One-time packages  give your business an immediate boost to push up revenue and
set in place long-lasting best practice for strong and continued growth.


With focused, on-going support, your business can connect to ideal new clients, offer continuity to your current clients, and generate long-lasting revenue for years to come.

On Demand

When you really want to push your
brand to the next level, only a big action will create the reaction you desire.
Read on to find out how I can help you reaching your pinnacle.

Is your digital life
a big, hairy, scary, cluttered mess? 

Do you feel overwhelmed between all the technology and tools
you use to run your business? 

Here is something for you:
29 Ways To Spring Clean Your Online Business.

What’s in there?
Simple, actionable ideas you can implement
every day to declutter and streamline
your online business (and your life!)

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